Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A toast.

Here's an imaginary toast
to the fragments of memories
of four hundred and twenty two days,
when I let your names imprinted in my heart
for the first time.

A toast
for the best of days in my life.

A toast
for each dusk and dawn
we're together;

For miles we've flown hand in hand, with our fingers sewn together.
For seas we've crossed.
For every road sign we bumped into.
For how far we've come.

A toast
for when I can let go of any of my insecurity worrilessly.
For every reconciliation over fights we had.
For the burning passion in your voice each time you uttered those three words to me.

A toast
for every burden lifted off my chest,
like a stash full of secrets and hopes and dreams and fears
finally unlocked, uncovered, disclosed,

A toast
for finally,
Heaven is within my grasp.

A toast
for heaven that we've created;
every time I run my hands on your smooth, silk-like skin,
every time your forehead pressed softly against mine,
glimmering eyes that stare deep into me,
as we forge a new world of our own,
each passing day.
A toast
for every time I carved a smile on your face
that has always been the antidote
that cured the excruciating pain within me,
made me forget the world,
and its torments
even for an ephemeral bliss.

A toast
to 'us, forever'.

...are you lost, or incomplete?

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