Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cool Beeaaaans.

I had a weiirrrrrd ass dream last night. Or a nightmare.

As if I was in Half-Life 2. Flying headcrabs, living tablefan, and.. uhm yeah, I even met JD (not Jack Daniel, but Jedidiah) Wong from that band Pop Shuvit, with three eyes. Three fucking eyes, scared the shit out of me. Why JD? I don't know. Even the trees and surroundings were exactly as the game was.

And the coolest part, I went to a drive-thru ATM machine. I never bump into any of them in KL or Malaysia so far (but a colleague of mine told me there's one Stan Chart drive-thru ATM somewhere Lebuh Ampang).

Shit, I am cool.

We need loadsa drive-thru ATMs here in Malaysia, especially in KL. Or in major towns. More.

Think about it. With those stations, we all can save time and perhaps parking space, too.

We have enough fast-food drive thrus all over the country, why can't we invest on something else? Something more useful and beneficial? I think we had enough of shopping malls. We need more ATMs. Car wash booths. And ooh yes, traffic lights. As in, WORKING traffic light.

Man, with these kind of dreams, I think I'll be a good mayor. Cool beans.

Oh yeah. Meanwhile, I got few friends buzzing me about my previous entry. They felt as if they were the SUBJECTS.

Well - as a disclaimer (I think I should post this as a header later) - THIS IS MY PANDORA. My Arcane Sanctuary. And I am the Pandemonium. Pande-MOE-nium, get it? The capital. My fucking world. I got to say what I got to say. I'm having my own stand up session here. And if it's not to your liking, go and kill yourself. Fly a kite. Spank a monkey. Go listen to your tweepop.

"Dude, what's a pandemonium?". Look it up. Or shall I say, Google it up.

I don't care. I iz what I iz.

"Siapa makan cili." Definitely. I got my own list, and if your name's not in it, it's not my baking fault. Blame yourself for being such a douche.

So, be nice to me, I shall be nice to thee.

Oh well, time for lunch.

Om nom nom nom om nom.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pagi Yang Gelap.. Kini Sudah Terang..

Semalam aku tido kemain lama, sebab malam semalamnya seharian aku tak tido.

Teman kawan aku sebab dia ada banyak benda dalam kepala nak diluahkan. Aku rasa best, sebab aku berjaya untuk ada di situ. Aku memang best pun. Lepas tu (sekitar pukul 5 pagi) aku pergi ofis, kerja. Handal!

Segar gile beb. Macam salad KFC!

Dan at least, hati aku senang, sebab aku buat orang senang (rasanya lah, aku tak tanya).

Hari ni kepala aku bekerja macam data processor, sebab kerja boleh tahan banyak. Tambahan pulak aku nak setel monthly payments aku sehabis mungkin. Hambik kau, gaji besar mana pun, belum tentu kau hidup senang.

Seperti yang selalu aku 'sekolahkan' kawan-kawan aku yang masih stadi (yang kebanyakannya dalam kepala masing-masing 'aku grad dengan degree ni aku leh keja besau leh idup senang'), lagi besar gaji kau, lagi besar tanggungjawab kau.

Juga, ada la kejadian bodoh yang agak bodoh dari lembu. Kesian lembu, sebab orang kata dia bodoh. Cuba tengok watak lembu dalam kartun Rocko's Modern Life. Pandai je.

Okay, berbalik pada topik. *ehem*

Ada jugak la cerita yang kurang senang sampai ke telinga aku. Cerita pasal orang ni tikam orang ni. Mengata belakang. Mengadu domba.

Mengata belakang tu takde hal. Memang semua orang kot buat bende tu. Diulangi, SEMUA ORANG. Tapi mengadu domba?

Oh yea, pada yang tak tahu mengadu domba tu apa (bukan mengadu kat bomba, bodoh), maksudnya ialah perbuatan (ye, bende ni verb) seseorang, atau bahasa bagusnya asshole, yang suka melaga-lagakan dua parti atau lebih. Dahla buat mulut, pastu lagakan orang.

Kau memang champion.

Macam aku, senang je. Sebab aku tahu nak figure orang-orang macam ni. Tak susah. jadi aku tak ambik pusing sangat, bawak nama kau kat orang lain apa suma. Aku lagi senang untuk ignore kau, dari burukkan nama kau.

Karma works better. Bila Encik Karma tumbuk kau kat muka, baru kau rasa.

Aku tau sakit dia, sebab aku penah kena.

Sepanjang hidup aku, banyak sangat orang macam ni. Dan kau tak perlu jadi sebijak Al-Khawarizmi untuk figure bende ni.

Dan persona ni juga merupakan seorang yang takde insurans langsung tutur katanya. Aish. Tak boleh macam tu, beb. Kan waktu kau berhingus masa darjah 4, cikgu kau penat ajar pepatah, "terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata.. sendiri fikir".

Hmm. Aku tak tahu la orang lain, tapi kalau aku senang je. Sebab kalau aku dah mula hilang respek aku terhadap kau, jangan hairan kalau aku layan kau macam biasa. Sebab tak ada apa yang spesel pasal kau. Kau adalah predictable, kata Mamat Salleh.

Sebab tu aku ni memilih kawan sebenarnya. Hanya muka-muka yang aku sayang je aku bagi perhatian lebih. Yang aku tahu luhur hati budinya. Kalau aku tak sayang kau, padan muka.

Kau hip, peduli apa aku? Kau dress up kalah Tokio Hotel, pegi mampus. Collection apparel kau berlambak? So what. Kau rasa kau cool? Aku lagi cool dari kau. Kau anak orang kaya? Duit mak bapak kau, bukan kau.

Mati esok, liang lahad jugak perginya.

Jadi, pada orang yang rasanya dia ada unsur-unsur macam tu, sila neutralkan balik (sebab aku takleh kata suh ko jadi baik, sebab kau memang takkan 100% berubah, so kalau dapat kurangkan sikit level asshole kau pun jadi la) perangai buruk kau.

Jadi macam game The Sims, level keyakinan aku hijau balik la skit.

Tengok, baik kan aku?

Okay lah, aku nak buat kerja.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

23 Years.


I am 23 years old now. Or say, approximately at 7.45pm later (GMT +8), I will be.

Wow. 23 years of adventure. The rants. Raves. Thicks. Thins. Ups. Downs. Reigns and fallouts. Failed attempts and triumphs.

Yeah, I know, I'm not that old for some of you. Perhaps, it's just the beginning. Of what, I iz the don the very very sure.

When I was a kid, I used to think that magic is real. Tho I had never single-handedly experienced it till now, I was convinced by my own subliminal me, that it does exist. Someday, somehow.

Of course, at one point, you gave up. The walls starts to shrink you in. You're cornered. Trapped within your own square.

Fuck magic. Fuck happiness. Fuck life. Fuck love. Fuck everything.


Well, yes. For some reason, epiphany is the only answer. The only salvation. The greatest gift from God, ever.

You waste your life for unforseen things. You waste your time and effort trying to convince a person of how much you love her. Where in the end, which is certain as death, that you'll end up nothing. You make mistakes. You REPEAT mistakes. You please others instead of yourself.

"Pukimakkkk. So what is left for me thennnnnnn??"

I've learnt thru pain and flames, that the true happiness comes from you yourself, within you, not from the others. The real magic, is actually you.

It does exist, people. Eureka.

And in time, you'll learn on how to shut yourself. To avoid things. To say "No thanks, go wipe yourself". To resist temptations. To be an asshole for once. To say "FUCK YOU" to the people who wants you to be their comfort pillow when they have no one at one point, pointing you as their main source of hope, you pick them up when eventually will leave you hanging and downgraded when they're all up and surrounded by everyone.

Ohh yess, I happened to bump into these people A LOT in my whole life.

And in time, you'll learn on how to appreciate people who actually deserve your attention.

Yes, appreciation. That's the only thing you need in life, man. And money. Lots of money.

Jon Foreman told me once, "Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell".

Ah well.

I am still standing today. I've emerged from failures. I'm yet to be successful, but I'm pretty sure that one day I will be.

Because I am fucking cool and awesome. And kind. Handful. A fucking tool for everyone. Very, very effective.

Told you, I am emo. Ha-fucking-ha.

This is yet to be the greatest birthday epiphany I ever had.

For those people out there who had their wishes on my walls, I fucking love you guys. With all my heart.

Fuck, I felt loved for once.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Winning Is Just Bad As Losing.

It's Friday morning, again.

For some reason, I love nightmares.

Flying Spaghetti Monsters, flying heads, drowned, getting lost in labyrinths, centaurs, Spongebob, you, earthquakes, you, myself, you.. etc, etc.

Cuz with nightmares, I won't be sleeping for long. And perhaps with a sudden wake up, I feel fresh.

I'm about to kick some ass today. Kill birds with two stones. Break some legs. Or whatever.

Man, I love Friday. Whoa. Can't wait till weekend.

For now, I'm going for a breakfast. Stay sic, muthafackas.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aku Lapar Gila Ni.

To begin with, I am kinda sick of everything that involves emotion. I can cry this out synonymously with emotion sickness. Like Silverchair's. But I just can't help it.

That's uhm.. well..

Ok ok. Back to the story.

So, yesterday, a friend of mine called me while I was about to venture myself to Neverland.

Well, technically I asked her to call me back after she sent me a text, "I need a shoulder to cry on".

Kimak, wa takde credit sangat. So I replied. "Call me".

Then, on and on we talked. Of course, mainly about her new relationship with a guy, which also happened to be one of my great friends.

The thing about her, isn't actually that twisted. She just got confused. Or moreover, she confused herself. Wondering whether the guy's really fell for her. Etc. Etc.

"MoOOOooeeee.. I'm confuseddddddddd. Is he really sincereeeeeeeeeee. I dunno what to doooooooooo", she said.


To tell you the truth, I don't fucking know hun. In fact, no one knows. Even his closest friends. How the fuck should I know?

Yep, that guy, as far as I knew, is the nicest guy ever. He even helped me thru my hard phases several times. And speaking from a guy's perspective, I shall say, he is, indeed a semi angel. But relationship-wise? I can't tell.

But judging from the efforts he made, and the way he expressed himself (yep, I was 'forced' to read few of their messages and shit), he is, at least, trying to be one. And he's doing his best at it. He made so much effort for this girl, so much, just to convince her that he does, indeed, fell for her.

And still, she got all confused. Or moreover, doubtful.

See, that's the thing I don't understand about girls. Well, not all of them, but mostly. I can browse thru my records, and trust me, it is.

They always fell on the wrong side of the grass. Always trying to look out for a greener plain. Glitters, blinding lights on the other side of the fence. And keep on wondering why they'll end up choosing the wrong guy that turns out to be a dickless prick.

I've been there. By there, I mean THE guy.

I would pull off anything just to make this one particular girl happy, with the fact that I know, in the end, that all my efforts worth nothing. I won't gain anything. I won't get anything out of it.

Same goes with this guy. He did quite a lot tho, for this girl.

Well, DO-ers always get this. Because they do not know how to say things, unlike the SAY-ers. They don't know how to explain things. They don't do sweet talks and shit. They don't say, they do. Because, they believe, that in the end, effort wins over empty talks.

And it takes one simple thing that can kill all those hard-ass efforts in one shot - DOUBT. As in, after all he has been through, you stab him with, "I'm not sure, I just can't see it". Niceeeeee.

Another thing that really, really annoys me is the keyword 'insecurity'. Like this minah.

She kept wondering what if the relationship will stumble. What if this. What if that. If so, you might as well pull off. Don't do it.

Life is all about taking risks. And to indulge the risks.

"Awwhhh.. what happen if we fail? What happen if we this, if we that, yada yada yada? What will happen next?"

I do know a couple that has been married for DECADES, and in the end, they failed. That shows how impermanent thing is. That includes what you called love. And if you're still dipping your toes, still wondering whether you'd drown before you jump into the pond, stop it. Fuck love. Fuck feelings. Fuck everything. Why bother trying when you know that in the end, you'll end up standing in the middle of nowhere?

But yet, we keep on trying, do we?

Or else we might just as well let love dies. Oh you know better when love and respect extinct. Humanity will cease. We shall bring forth the destruction towards this dying world even faster. We might as well start killing each other. Because you cannot trust anyone.

Okay, I'm going too far I guess.

But.. yeah.. my point is, get it sorted out or die trying. OR ELSE, stay the fuck out of it and don't even think about it. At all.

So, girls, please be careful. You might lose a possibly great guy. And end up being with a dickhead for the rest of your life.

OR ELSE, I repeat, stay the fuck out of it and don't even think about it.

What a lousy crying shoulder I am. And gee, that was fast. Aku lapar gila ni.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red Alert. Red Alert.

Here I am, back on early morning shift.

Well, I might be going back to night during fasting month.

Either way, as long as I can get myself home early without too much hassle from the traffic, that would be fan-fucking-tastic, save the parking space issues, fuel consumption, and the lateness caused by the heavy traffic.

Unsure of the reason, I had insomnia for the past few days.

Man I fucking hate insomnia. At least for now. Even though I jam a song about it on almost every week with me bandmates.

Because insomnia eventually will lead me to drift myself in unwanted thoughts. Especially this particular week. I am trying my best not to succumb to it, and as far as I'm concerned, insomnia is a major jeopardy.

Red alert. Red alert. Cannot be. Cannot be.

Sigh. Whatthefuck. Fuckmylife. Bigfuckingdeal. Whogivesabloodyshit. Et-fucking-cetera.

*Shrug* Well, lets get back to work, shall we?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ice Breaking Sucka

Just downed two cups of sugar+double shots of cream+nescafe.

I feel great.

In fact, I feel awesome.

Like, a fucking Mongolian warlock with a vulture on my shoulder, with cool leather vests and swords and blades, standing before the great Mongolian steppe.

And guess what? I haven't slept since yesterday. Yep, it's fucking rhetorical.

With 271++ pending tickets on the queue, I'm crunching numbers today. YEARGH! I'm on fireeeeeeee!!

Awesome balls.

Oh, good morning to all of you beautiful people out there.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Karipap FTW!

My palm is itchy; I just can't stop scratching it since yesterday.

That's a segno, or a sign of getting unexpected cash - so they say. By they, I mean (normally) Malays.. well, that's what we've been told from generation to generation.

Not sure how soon tho. Better be really soon. Cuz I got sooo much needs to be catered.

I kinda had that thing before, really bad, before I got a call from KPTM Kuantan few days later.

"Err, Encik Mohamad Fairuz ya? Awak ni ada cek MARA tak claim lagi ni. Return balik, patut dah lama dah clear."

".... Berapa banyak kak?"

"RM2990.90. Kaya betul awak eh? Duit dekat tiga ribu pun takmau?"

Or something like that. Bloody hell I can't remember.

But yeah, 'twas pretty hard back then, while struggling with bills and rents and shit (aku hidup bujang wei, at least aku tak nyusahkan mak bapak). It was like a blessing, having a light shone upon you from the midst of the dark clouds. Pretty cool.

NNNnnnow, the same gist reappeared. Oooh, wonder what would it be. Or when.

And still, I have two pieces of currypuff left on this table.


Anyway, may you have a great weekend. And PLEEASSE pray for mine as well.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

As High As Wu-Tang Get.

Eh, lupa taruk tajuk.

Okeh, ni cawan ketiga Nescafe Cream+Sugar+Sugar (yang aku pajak dari coffee machine kat pantry - 10 sen per cup je der!) aku telan untuk ketika ini. Sah-sah kepala aku berpinar.

Nak lawan ngantuk konon, ceh. Pemalas tu pemalas lah.

Anyway, tadi aku "terchat" dengan sorang kawan. Dan kitaorang borak about some random stuffs.

Tiba pada satu topik yang agak bodo, namun fikir-fikir balik, masuk akal jugak.

Pada korang yang keja opis, atau bakal kerja opis (sila bayangkan floor yang penuh dengan orang-orang pakai formal, bawak fail, photocopy machine, cubicles, PCs.. dan lain-lain), pasti akan ada terma "Dragon Lady".

Apa ke lanchow tu?

Ye, secara amnya "Dragon Lady" ni merupakan terma untuk figura seorang WANITA spesifik di dalam pejabat, yang biasanya mampu membuatkan orang yang paling tekun dan tajam tumpuannya mampu berhenti bernafas seketika. Boleh buat anda menoleh ke belakang jika berjalan melintasi beliau. Mampu membuatkan anda senyap-sunyi walaupun sedang seronok berbual dengan rakan sebelah. Bagaikan seorang jaguh yang mahir di dalam Hikmat Kitaran Asura, Tahap Kesempunaan.

Pernah tengok cerita Simon Pegg "How To Lose Friends & Alienate People"? Sila download dan tonton.

Gambaran kasar:

Ye, yang tengah-tengah tu. (Excerpt from the mentioned movie)

Apa kriteria-kriterianya "Dragon Lady" ni?

1. Cara jalan.

- Memang jarang toleh kiri-atau kanan. Takde maknanya dia nak senyum kalau terpandang muka kau. Dan biasanya dia jalan lurus, takde bengkang bengkok, dengan kelajuan yang lebih 3mp/h dari manusia pejabat biasa. Kalau dia pakai heels, boleh dengan keletak keletuk lantai sungguhpun lantai pejabat anda beralaskan karpet. Catwalk, mungkin.

2. Cara cakap.

- Dia hanya akan jalan terus ke cubicle anda (jika anda sasaran yang dikenalpasti) dan hanya akan bercakap dalam tona rendah dari desibel manusia biasa. Takde la sampai tahap gibberish macam Godfather. Tak payah nak buat lawak, dia takde masa nak dengar lawak kau. Paling koman pun, senyum tiga saat, pastu kembali ke parabola asal.

3. Cara berpakaian.

- Elegan dan professional. Normally a coat, blazers, shirts (yes, shirts) yang biasa kau tengok kat Topshop, pants, atau paling koman pun skirts (dalam kadar kepanjangan yang agak waras, bukan jenis mini skirt tahap nampak pangkal peha). Sebab dia faham apa maksud "being professional" bila time bekerja, ni bukan nightclub.

4. Position

- Biasanya diaorang ni dah ada certain jawatan dalam pejabat tersebut. Paling koman pun assistant manager.

5. Ride

- Disebabkan mempunyai jawatan yang menarik, jadi kereta pun of courselah bukan tahap Myvi. Paling koman Honda Accord tahun 2009. Auto. Kaler kereta biasanya silver, tak pun hitam.

6. Hot

- Macam mana elegan pun, dia tetap nampak hot. Curvy, cutting ala-ala model iklan Marie France Bodyline.. dan sewaktu dengannya. Dan mungkin juga dia pelanggan tetap sana. Rambut biasanya ikat, atau normally pendek/bobcat. Sebab dia takde masa nak groom pagi-pagi buta.

7. Tinggi

- Err, yeah. No komen. Sebab aku pendek. Tapi takper, aku tau aku kiut dan best.

Dan lain-lain. Selebihnya, anda boleh nilai sendiri.

Tadi aku baru bertembung dengan dia masa nak pegi short break. Phew.

Okeh, let's get back to Yout.. err, work.

Te Doy Mi Todo, No Pierdo Nada.

To come to think about it, I have never been on the safer side of life.

Sure, probably the least time I’ve been in the circle was during my schooldays.

My first major exam was UPSR – the interchange between Primary and Secondary of Malaysian educational stage. I scored straight A’s. Hell, I didn’t even study for that, as far as I can remember. And in between Form 3 and 4, I scored 7As and 2Bs for my PMR examination, likewise UPSR, I did not put too much effort on it.

And yes, I am truly a lucky ass to score 5As 4Bs and 4Cs for my SPM altogether, with no fails – without hitting the books too hard as hard as others. I guess I never took seriously on my studies, ever. Unfortunately I did not get any offer from the local Uni (forget about overseas, my dad’s not Donald Trump). Padan muka.

Only one sunny day, when finally I received a letter from KPTM Kuantan (a so called polytechnic college, subsidiary under MARA). My mum told me that it could be a blessing in disguise, so off I went.

There, I spent three years, discovering myself. I met whole lotta people from different backgrounds. Nerds, rempits, musicians, backstabber, good people, fucktards, and great friends like Izrul, one of the coolest motherfucker I ever met. The freedom of doing things on my own.

I had some pretty rough times there, as my dad could not afford to fund me. The only rope that I can cling to was MARA study loan which, of course, not as much as other scholarships. Or my 2nd sister, Yati. Nevertheless, there were also loads of cool times with friends who were really sincere of helping each other. I still remember there was once I survived few weeks with just biscuits and plain water, before my study loan was approved.

Biscuits and plain water, yaw.

How lucky I am, still, compared to the starving kids in Uganda.

I met Ika, happened to be the girl that I was totally into. It was like the 'first'-ahem-'true' love, went for like 6 – 7 months before she went away to a richer, better guy than a lame, fucked-up, miserable me who own nothing (at that time lah).

But I guess I owed her, really. Two years of getting over losses (or simply, her) really taught me on how to become the man I am today. Two fucking years, beat that.

The biggest step I took was probably when I decided to quit my studies and pursue my career with ROTTW mag in journalism. Without having much knowledge about journalism, I paved the road slowly. It was pretty hard, really. But I never look back. I never have been on the safe side, so I might as well get on with it.

I am indeed a fast learner; I can pick up things on the fly – the only quality that I can assure of. I learned on how to multitask things. Reviews, interviews, graphic designs, photography, dealing with people in the music industry like music labels and shit.. you name it.

Then I switched to a different company, different field – IT. Doing technical supports for IT related issues and stuff. And that, also, I did single-handedly without any related certificate. I learned from scratch, till now.

You see, I’ve never been on the safe side. I’m juggling risks, every fucking day. In almost anything. I just do it. Do it, or die trying, that’s it.

I am a “DO” person, rather than a “SAY” person. I’m not good at explaining things. In fact, I am worst at that. Say, if I love a person, I rather not to tell her that I love her. Well, okay, probably at some occasions, but not all the time. But I would do things, subtle things for her. Just a matter of time whether she’ll realize it or not.

Hell, I’m in love right now, really, madly, deeply do, and I don’t think she cares. So, fuck it.

I don’t even think she’ll read this post anyway. And I, don’t, care.

I got plans, great plans for my future. And I’m swimming with the risks right now. I got nothing to worry about. I will, once again, take another hop. I just need a bigger pan to fry more fishes.

And if I won’t be able to make it, I shall see you guys in the afterlife. Nigahaha.

Te doy mi todo, no pierdo nada – I’m going all out, I got nothing to lose, mafackas.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Legit Emotion.

"When we collide we lose ourselves.
When we collide we break in two,
And as we push and we shove and we hurt the ones we love,
It's a hard mistake.
When we collide,
We break."

Now back to my morning coffee. And work.
Or whatever.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saya Berasa Sangat Bertenaga. *Tough Face!*

Just got up from a short but powerful nap, with my earphone still attached to me ears.


I am feeling fresh. Like the lettuce you saw in the KFC ad on telly eh? Slowly moving with splashing waters and shit, yeah, that's me. Fresh vegetable.

I just got a text from an old friend. Yeah. Whatever. I shall meet her for a while la. Well at least dia tak lupa kawan. Ada je yang macam celaka, bila aku ignore, tau pulak carik. Tapi bila aku mula macam biasa, buat-buat ignore aku.

Pegi mampos. Engkau bukan star mana pun. Kalau comel tahap Esty vocalist Sausage Named Bob takper gak. You're not even quarter to that, so pergi lah kau, hidup kat dunia kau yang cukup best tu. Dunia aku tak perlukan manusia super-kerek macam kau.

Now playing: Creed - Overcome

Ooh yeah, undeniably Scott Stapp is the most gay wanker ever lived. But there's something about this song that makes me felt like I am a fucking Eddie Vedder. Oh how I wish Mr. Vedder was my REAL father.

I rockkkkkk therefore I ammmmmm! Err, no, I wont do a Faizal Tahir rock pose.

And for that, I shall thank you Mr. Stapp.

See, I had few things that came across me today, hit me hard as hard as fucking 9-11 Attack. Aaron's dad, CD covers, CD reviews, J.B. show, my MUM, financial stuffs, a friend at home, car, Paul the Octopus, Dunga-In-Shame, Emma Stone.

All in one. Nice, innit?

And somehow this friggin song is like a blessing. A beacon of hope. A Morse code. A message. No matter how tied and shackled I am to the ground, I need to stand strong. Stay put. I need to get myself together. I gotta make that tough face.

Tough face! *Hknhhhhh!*

I'm entitled to overcome,
Completely stunned, I'm numb.
Knock me down throw me to the floor!
There's no pain I can't feel no more!
I'm entitled to overcome!

Say goodbye with no sympathy!

Fuckin' A, Scott!

So stay strong Moe. You can do this. You're awesome. And yes, Emma Stone's hhhhot.

Bungko La Kau.

9:31 pagi.

Baru lepas sarapan bihun/mihun/meehoon/apa lancau goreng yang sedap-sedap ayam.

Mood: Hardkor.

Dan kini kembali ke meja kerja, buat kerja sambil melayan lagu-lagu hardcore. Hakko! Hakko!

Dan oh ya, aku sedang mengemam lolipop perasa Strawberry. Kthxbai.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Que Sera Sera, Brother.

It was a cool set for Beatburns yesterday.

For the first time ever, I felt content with my condition despite Izrul's Paulie did encountered few minor problems. The trick was simple - relax.

One solution towards all problems in the world. Perhaps, the only answer.

A friend of mine, a good friend of mine, texted me somewhere when I was about to sail away to the Neverland last night. As always, the boarding ship was delayed. But yeah, what else can you offer a friend in need, other than yourself? And then I told him, I got less than 10 cent to reply his text, before he decided to call me. Aight, better.

So off we went into a deep conversation, mainly about his life. About his family. About his unrequited love. About his fucked up friends.

Most of the time, I kept myself quiet. I did shove a few points, 'and then's, 'how come's, et cetera.

I'm not a certified counselor, truth to be known. But I find most people (or friends) would look out for me in time they need someone to talk to. Well, karma works - the only, least creed code that I have faith in these very days.

I've tried not to storm him with cliches like "chill dude, you need to relax, take things one by one, slow down, this will get better soon".

But I came to a point that made him stopped for a while, when I shove him a question, "In between those efforts you made for other people to keep them happy, what effort did you pull to make YOURSELF happy?".

Wow, that's kinda two way bitchhhhslap in my fffhace. I think I chipped a tooth as well. Ouch.

Then we went to few lighter subjects before we ended the convo, and he thanked me. No sweat, pal. Anything for a friend.

It took me about an hour, probably more, to restore his faith in happiness. Although, I can assure this, that I am not, indeed, happy. But at least I am content with it. Yesssssss. Contentttttt.

"The happiest people don't worry too much about whether life is fair or not, they just get on with it"
- Andrew Matthews, my all time favorite bestselling motivator.

Life IS a bitch. They won't play fair, at least that's what I've learnt throughout all these tormenting years. You just need to do better to overcome the cheating. You got backstabbed by someone, eventually you'll heal. You got your money stolen, you'll gain more soon. You love someone and put a neverending effort to make her happy, she'll come around her senses one day.

Things do come around. When or where - you don't need to give a fuck. It will.

I'm just doing my part, brother. You just need to relax and drink more coffee.

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened by that. Happiness never decreases by being shared"
- Buddha.

Que sera, sera.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Roll, Mathafacka. Roll.

This morning, was ah-may-zing.

The lift in Flora Damansara went smoothly without having any interruption, the traffic was plain sailing, and yep, I got myself in the office - ON TIME. Err, albeit my flu and slight cold.. but never mind that, for now.

I'm praying that today will be better.


Okay, I shall continue that after Friday prayer.

GOOOoooOOOooOD mooooOOOooOOorning folks!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hakko! Hakko! Hakko!

Just got another verbal warning/coach log again. For my lateness. Muahaha.

Like I give a shit. Who the fuck gives a shit anyway, I know they don't.

I know I don't give a shit to lots of stuff these days, a lot. I don't bother. I don't neeeeeeed to.

Which is why I tend to NOT speak up whenever they're asking me is everything alright with me.

I don't think I can take anymore Coke. Err, the canned drink of course. I'm allergic to powder, so I'm not even thinking of doing that sick stuff, fuck no.

Yep, I am having a slight fever. I kinda like this feeling. At least I would do my best to stay strong, I need to boost up my utmost energy at this state to keep everything stabilized.

Energy: 89%
Health: Red. Not pink.
Mood: HAKKO! So no ZZ Top for today. Fuck Blues.
Hungry: Not at all, hell even I'm skipping my lunch as I speak. Or write.

Now, I'm checking out covers on YouTube, as I slowly pace myself through the remaining tickets. And I shall do the movie marathon again tonight.

I think I need to switch my job. Ohhhhhhhhh FML.

Hakko! Hakko!

Here Comes The -- Boom -- Ready Or Not -- Boom.

Late to work, again, as usual.

It IS suck, waking up with a fucked up feeling. Every fucking day.

What an ungrateful bastard I am to be alive ain't it?

And they've raised the parking fee to RM6 from RM4 daily too. Fucking bloodsucking opportunist. You'll be dead soon. Dead. Dead man, dead. Like Tupac.

And now, gotta send this report, and off to my morning coffee. No one can stop me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Psychosis? Psychosocial? You Name It.

4.20pm, and still surviving.

The rain outside has stopped. Heavy rain, with lightnings and shiznits. I predict that some parts in KL are flooding right now.

I am having a bad flu today. Luckily fag sticks are the best remedy, I don't have to count on chemicals to ease them at one point.

It's the month of July, and I am going to be 23 by the end of it. Holy balls. I made it. Or at least, going to.

I stopped believing in magic long time ago. Reality bites, seeing is believing, that's what life is all about. But I'm looking forward for some miracles to happen on that day.

Something new, something fresh. A new, fresh start on.. something.

Till then, I'm crossing my fingers in between.

Miracles Miracles Miracles Miracles Miracles Miracles Miracles Miracles Miracles.

"It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind"
- Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis

"I am a rough boy."

How I wish I could grow me a great beard, I would buy a shiny Les Paul and swing it the way Billy Gibbon does.

Gee, too much of daydreaming can drift yourself away bwoy.

Seriously, I love Billy. He's the type of person who does not give a fuck. He'll wail his ax and sweep the shit out of everyone. He's just too immortal for a blues god.

And he does his magic with his beard.

One sick motherfucker.

Okay, let's get back to work. And downloading albums. Gawdblesstheinternet.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Gobble. Gobble.

I, hereby, will chant the sacred mantra.


Jom, let's go for a lunch.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

thnzk yoi

im tyupingf thids whike im lyingf diwn and trying to drifut myskelf ti skeep and i cnat be bothred ti corrent the spellings. my eues are red.

fuck yoi. fyck you, fcusk you for making it wirse everi day.

goodnitu. sweer dream.

Friday, July 2, 2010


It is... 4:51pm.

The office is unusually quiet as I am the only dude left working (read: browsing) in between empty lines of cubicles. As we (or they) are having an grrrraaaand annual dinner tonight. Parties and shits.

Naah, not my thang. It's not like I'm totally antisocial or introverted person. Introvert, yeah, I don't like to be surrounded by people, especially those who are barely even say 'Hi' or nod-and-smile at me everytime we bumped into each other. Except for a moment when one doesn't have a lighter, and fidgety for a puff. They, are going to drain my energy off faster.

I would join them, if we we're ought to share biscuits and tea during break time. But no.

I am feeling content at this moment, though today is not a productive day for me. I am currently finishing up bits of my remaining tickets/issues in my work bucket. Fuck it, you won't understand the flow anyways.

Content, yeeeeeesss. Should say that with a glorious exhale.

Like the slight feeling I get after I got out from the mosque after prayer. Yes, I do pray, thank you, tho I can assure you that I am not pious.

It's like the post feeling of a redemption.

We search for God in time of despair, looking for salvation. We repent after we had the sudden realization that we are, indeed, fucked up. Not really an honest/total repent, but at least a slight regret over things you've done.

As Muslims, we believe that God, or Allah, is merciful.

Take a look at the very first sentence of every Surahs, the Bismillah. Translation: "in the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful".

We repent over sins we've done, and yet there's a probability that we will repeat the same shit anytime soon. And we'll regret as usual, again in the end. It goes round and round to the planet rock. Until the Hour.

Because we believe, that He is Merciful, forgiving. Whether He will or not, that's entirely up to Him.

And He won't get bored forgiving, because He, is not human. He's a God. I had experienced some myself before, few convinced me that He, no matter what kind of things we throw, will forgive. And He loves us all, still. I won't question further on that.

One cannot tell, that a guy who wears a turban will grant him a gold class ticket to Heaven, unless God says so, cuz that turban dude might get himself to Hell just for abusing a cat. Nor a prostitute that went to Heaven as she gave a thirsty dog a scoup of water with her shoe, as she was looking for redemption in a desert. You cannot tell.


Wait, I am being preachy now. Wow.

Content, yeeeeeesss. *glorious exhale*.

Well.. it's almost 5:30 pm now, and I ain't preaching nobody. So now, I am getting myself ready, going baaaack to the normaldepressingchaoticworld again. PHOEEACEE!

FREEZE mafacka!

It's cold in here, in the office today.

I'm freezing. I'm cold, like a frozen turkey. A cold turkey. Brrr.

Proudly said, I'm not wearing my jacket, just my plain SCTS The Great Battle tee instead, just to feel the breeeeeeeeeze.



Btw, I am truly glad my access card is working again. God, it feels like I'm working with CIA, swiping every-single-fucking-door just to get my ass out of the office.

Brrr. I'm gonna go and light a fag. Chiao.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Bad. And Hungry. Again.

Eclipse is coming. Not the moon-over-sun-phenomenon, nor the Les-Paul like ESP guitar, but the movie, the third of the Twilight saga.

And few of my colleagues already made a pact to watch the screening together, before asking me whether I am free to tag along with them.

Obviously, eheh-eheh, no.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not either anti-Twilight-because-its-so-gay dude, or trying-to-be-cool-by-defying-the-common-interest. I just don't feel like watching sequels. It's like, watching TV series. I think by far the only TV series I've followed were My Name Is Earl, or at least Heroes, before I stopped at the third season, BEFORE the third season. And some odd-funny-nonstressing Japs TV series. Yes, call me Mr. Lame.

I've learned that repeating the same formulae won't get any better - like mistakes. Especially movies. Take a look at Scary Movies for instance.. and then there came Date Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet The Spartans that aren't worthy at all. Yup, am not a fan of sequels. Except few, like Lord of The Rings.

The greatest movie ever made. All hail Peter Jackson, our beloved Kong-like director.

Maybe it's because I'm not a patient guy. I can't wait for things to end. Like miseries.

Wow. Easy.

Anyway, I'm waiting for Hikayat Merong Mahawanga. Finally, something to be proud of, as a Malaysian. To be honest, KRU is one of the worst local band ever to me at least (by BAND, I mean after their nostalgic early-90's Malay rap image has been scrapped off, before they went pop-ish), but their visions and ideas never fail to amaze me, especially during this dying age of local entertainment industry.

Just watch. And evaluate yourself.

Now this, is what I call a movie. Sapa nak teman aku nanti?

Oh okay, 5.30pm. Cabut-balik-makan-tido.

...are you lost, or incomplete?

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