Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Man With A Thousand Hole.

This is a story of a man,
on a the edge of a mountain.

A man of a thousand smiling masks,
to face the grim reality of life
as he knew.

He is a man,
hallowed by many,
understood by few.

A man, who cherished a thousand souls in his life,
until his soul left nothing but an empty shell.

A man,
who once had a thousand stories to tell,
yet chooses to remain in silence.

He is a man,
who gave his love unconditionally
even when he has lost his a thousand times.

He is a firm believer.
who believes things will be better
even it never did, even for a thousand years.

He is a man,
who understands the pain of the others
but never had anyone to look into his eyes,
to understand the thousands of his.

A man,
who had betrayals in life as a gamble
whom he lost a thousand times,
yet he still kept his card on the deck.

He has a thousand holes in him,
a hollowed mind, heart deluged by blackened thoughts,
yet keeps the spark for the others.

He is a man,
who learned the rocky road, the hard way
before paving thousands of crimson paths for the others.

"In life, everybody makes mistakes, 
so that they will learn from it", they say.

He was THAT mistake.
A jumping rock, for thousands of others to relearn life,
to achieve something better.
never had that chance of being the jumper.

A man, who walked the others a thousand miles.
Yet never took a step for himself,
as he waits for uncertainties he had his faith in.

A man,
who has a thousand reasons to regret,
even him being a regret to remember for some
but he regrets none of them.

A man,
who can never provide
all the wealth in the world to give to all,
but only a thousand sincere prayers on his lips,
even when he is uncertain that his own prayers will be answered.

This is a story of a man,
who took a giant breathe of faith
and swallowed his hopes.

And in the end,
he smiled cherishly
like there is nothing left in the Earth for him
to care no more.

...are you lost, or incomplete?

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