Monday, July 2, 2012

Come clean.

Life is wonderful,
and joyful; filled with magical incantations
when I started looking
through the window.

To the other side of the greener field.

I am trapped,
in this four sided square box, yes.
But in my mind,
I am free.


Woe is for the worrying souls
who see the life on a narrow hard end,
whilst ignoring the peripheral views of the world.

Forgot to embrace the flames and hurricanes,
and to carry a little side of faith
that every mishap is a blessing.

And to be grateful of what you have,
before you kneel and clenching fists in pulsating wounds of regret
over things you threw away
with a make believe pride,
in an uphill pursuit of your own
imaginary made up fantasies you will never reach.

Life is for living,
And love is for-giving.


Over the window, I look.
And I see

With life on your right hand,
You brought love on the other.

Showering me with colourful rain,
Every drop,
Flowing through the cracks

Washing away the scars and fears I have been covering.


There's a covered empty canvas
Somewhere in the corner
Of my crude mind,
The obsolete empty piece that has been left
For so long, nearly forgotten.

With the cracked palette,
I began to mix the faded and dusty colors
With the best of emotions
New  found memories,
Wills, make beliefs, and once broken pieces of hope.

Through pain and bliss,
Time through time,
With every stroke of the brush,
While carving a smile, a familiar tilt on my face;
A drive to quench
My thirst of perfection and masterpiece.

Oh, how I long to paint the paper clouds with colors
in a comforting ease and guilt free,

While letting my imagination
Drown in the resemblance of your beauty,
That slips from my mind through my fingertips.

Oh, how I long to feel the calm,
Over a finished piece.

Like a long lonesome highway,
I finally yield before a road sign
With our names stamped on it.

Where I can rejoice, upon a completed journey.

...are you lost, or incomplete?

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