Monday, July 2, 2012

Come clean.

Life is wonderful,
and joyful; filled with magical incantations
when I started looking
through the window.

To the other side of the greener field.

I am trapped,
in this four sided square box, yes.
But in my mind,
I am free.


Woe is for the worrying souls
who see the life on a narrow hard end,
whilst ignoring the peripheral views of the world.

Forgot to embrace the flames and hurricanes,
and to carry a little side of faith
that every mishap is a blessing.

And to be grateful of what you have,
before you kneel and clenching fists in pulsating wounds of regret
over things you threw away
with a make believe pride,
in an uphill pursuit of your own
imaginary made up fantasies you will never reach.

Life is for living,
And love is for-giving.


Over the window, I look.
And I see

With life on your right hand,
You brought love on the other.

Showering me with colourful rain,
Every drop,
Flowing through the cracks

Washing away the scars and fears I have been covering.

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