Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Cakap banyak pun tak guna.

April, here I come. :D


"you don't really know what you got till it's gone."

- Where'd You Go - Fort Minor.

I shall begone one day, for you won't need me no more.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?

Sekali sekala teringat aku masa awal2 aku go live jadi service desk (its been a year, wait.. more than a year, doh!). There's one incident that probably be the best bummer.

Me: "Thank you for calling Rio Tinto Service Desk, my name is Fairuz. Can I get your surname for verification purpose, please?"

Guy: "Come again."

Me: *repeating the second line, patiently*

Guy: "Come again." *in an ascending tone*

Me: *repeating the second line, slower, patiently*

Guy: "Come.. againnnn." *but lucky enuf, that guy wasn't pissed*

Me: *dalam hati* Fine lah. Memain kau ye. *while typing "Come" in the search field for a generic search*


Me: *dalam hati* Oh hangon. ......oooooowkay. Here it is, "Henry Comeagain".



Me: I am truuuuly sorry for what had happened just now, sir. I..

Guy: *dengan nada pasrah* Naah, it's okay, I've used to it. Really. *laugh*

...sial kan?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

updates, maybe?

Saje2 nak mengepost bende2 lagho lagi ke dalam page aku yang sangatlah mandom. I'm thinking of going for other layers. I mean, blog layouts. Suggestion, anyone?

Oh yeah, it has been a tiring month for me, so far. alah, macam tak biasa. tiap bulan dah mcm ni. but hell, it's going to be far more tiring, SOON. but definitely tak sabar for april: INDO TOUR and LMAO OF GOD in SING! :D

As for Beatburns, for me it's a mix-up. i'm fired up, and in the meantime frustrated as well. bukan sebab band, but MY 640GIG HARDRIVE yang buat aku rasa nak mengamuk satu selayang. WORDS OF ADVICE (untuk yang baru2 nak mula buat home rec esp), sila pastikan PC anda up to date dgn virus def. lagi bagos kalau beli PC baru yang high end. I have few IMPORTANT folders yang aku takleh nak bukak, and those involving my recording shits. FML. dahla nak release EP soon enough. adoi.. dugaan dugaan.

And now jugak aku realize, ramai jugak yang bengkak ngn aku senanya. latestnya, ada lah seorang hamba Allah ni, bengang kot agaknye aku comment page 'awek' dia, kot. and like, above all people, he picked on me. LOL. hai.. manusia. takper lah. aku hidup mati pun seorang, TUHAN yang tentukan, so apa aku kisah pun. ramai je lagi yang lain hantar threat kat aku. not to diss you bud, but i can assure you it's least bit amusing to me. i got tonnes of things to deal with, and i got no space for yours. :) hai.. manusia.. manusia. tak apa lah.

yang penting, aku happy dengan life aku sekarang.



Monday, March 1, 2010

a kind of numb.

My mind keeps telling me that "everything should work out for you man, don't you worry"
keeps telling me, that "i'm but your best adviser at the worst of time"
that "you, my man, can count on me";

I'd say,
pretty much,
I've succumbed to my lying subliminal thoughts.

I insist,
on being the most stubborn, selfish jerk that i can hardly imagine i ever be, by doing that.

I inhale,
every bits of pain that i endure, and yet to, by trusting myself.

I weep,
most of the time. But not physically. And it fucking hurts, it does.

I fail,
in most crossroads i ever bumped into. Dodging for left when i'm supposed to turn right.

I mend,
most people in my life, giving them a bit of hopes and dreams, while i'm practically living in fear and failure.

I choose,
to let my love unrequited, let alone be discovered, when i know that it leads towards a massive heartbreaking blow.

I submit,
every single chance, to false hopes.

I walk,
towards the end of it all, when it is actually just the beginning.

My hands are numb now,
But my mind keeps telling me that "you shouldn't stop".

I can never tell, when,
will i ever get the chance to say, "fuck you, mind!".


...are you lost, or incomplete?

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