Wednesday, September 26, 2012


There's always a permanent beauty
in every love words I have uttered
whenever I see your divine smile.

A constant repetition
reminding me
that I am not just in love with you,
but a permanent love
that I have found
within us.

That I do, 
without a small fraction of doubt,
love you.

Even though there were times
we threw pain at each other
strangling ourselves with rants and screams
and torments for every corner we've encountered. 

Before realizing that we grew stronger
each time.
And to realize,
that every time we felt that we've lost,
it was just another battles won.

And I will always,
in the aftermath,
reach out to you,
embracing us,
and to remind you
for every beauty we often missed seeing.

As much as you want me to.

And without fail,
To remind you,
there's a huge black card on the wall,
that will always greet you home.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Finding perfections is a never ending quest
We often forget
That sometimes
is found 
Underneath of all those imperfect rubbles

And that is how I always picture
Of us.
The more I scrap through the surface
Digging tunnels and holes
The more I see of us,
The perfection that lies within.

Because beauty happens to exist when we are overlooking
Often passed when we are to busy
Finding ways to mend the cracks
And to attend our bothered minds
Forgetting the warmth of sunlights reflected on our skins

When in fact, it was right in front of our eyes.

Because happiness often regarded
As a fantasy, a phantom
An untraceable shadow

When we are actually engulfed by it, all these while without us knowing.

And the worse of all, is when we began to throw away things that we never knew we had, happens to be the things we were looking for, all our lives.

Missing you is always a strength
No matter how painful it is sometimes
Therefore I will never give up on telling you 'I miss you's.

Loving you is always liberating
Never once I felt strangled by it
Therefore I will never get tired of saying 'I love you's.

In between all those,
I knew, that
With all my life,
I have found grace, and peace
Over my scrapped knees from praying.

Because you are,
The answer to all of my prayers.

In my own special way
I love you,
And I miss you so.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9 Months.

It has been 9 months,
since we depart
for our great sailing.

We roamed the ocean,
through thunderstorms and maelstroms.
through sunlights and starry nights.

We sailed,
through the mists and fogs,
before we escaped into the lights.

And I will cherish of everything you've taught me,

That beauty will always reveal
when we are really looking.

That happiness cometh
from the smallest random acts,

That the purest sparks of love,
ignited from profound embers.

The solitude we had,
when we're locked away from the world,
comforting each other
in between cuddles
after waking up
from a bad dream.

And to smile everytime we stare at each other.

And on this very very day,

I am reaching out to you,
with a golden plate on my hands,
carrying my heartfelt thank you,

For being the best of woman in my life,

That has been taking a stroll
standing hand in hand with me,
down the hard, rocky lane,
towards the paved crimson and clover
into fields of gold.

For writing, and continuously writing chapters in my life,

page by page.
Onto the next,
With quills and inks made by our memories,
both bitter and sweet.

For feeding me,

with your beautiful smiles,
your comforting and tender touches,
with joy and laughters.

For loving me,

not just for who I am,
but for what we are,
what we had and have
and for what we will go through.

I love you,
for every breath I inhale everyday,
and became a part of me,
that will always dwell.

Always, and forever.

I love you, dear munchkin. :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Little By Little.

It wasn't until I had sometime
to clean up the rooms,
And unfolding the box, 
our box,
for the hundredths of time.

Laying out pictures of us,
frame by frame, little by little.
When a note slips away to my laps.

A small little white piece of paper,
written nicely, yet undone.

"the smell of morning dew,
at the break of dawn,
it's a start of something new,
with the roses blossom in the lawn.

as the sunlight touches my face,
i hear the hustle in the wind,
as my heartbeat pick up the pace,
i open my eyes with u on my mind"

With a calm and collected smile on my face,
my itchy fingers began to move.

Little by little,

before I had that little piece of paper filled.

"as my face began to feel the moisture,
embracing the breeze
i held close our pictures together 
between my knees

it's a world of wonder, 
where magic rejoiced
when the world seems lighter, 
whenever i hear your voice

round and round we dance,
under the sunlight, 
we waltz,
in our profound romance.

and though I might not 
be always in your view
my endless whispers of love, joy and care
will always be with you."

And I smiled,
putting my fingers at rest,

Little by little.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Have Heart

Of every night
I caressed, folded and molded
The pillow, trying to forge
The resemblance of your face

I pulled myself together,
Stronger and stronger.

And while you were away,
I quake the world for us
I faced the world, with you in me,
With your love empowering me,
In the overwhelming struggle

Forging a better self
Forging a better me
A better tomorrow
For us.

That said, I am pulling away
From the giving ups
And to rise,
Rather than to stumble
And crumble
Like a molten volcano.

But though building up concretes
And the whole figments
Of imagery being the dam against the strongest tide,

I do too, cracked a little. 

Because no matter how sturdy I seemed,
How far I flew,
I need a soft ground to land to.
My safe ground, my sanctuary.

It's inconvenient to walk,

When the naked truth is
I miss

So I will wait for you, love
With an empty open hand
To be filled
With yours.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Come clean.

Life is wonderful,
and joyful; filled with magical incantations
when I started looking
through the window.

To the other side of the greener field.

I am trapped,
in this four sided square box, yes.
But in my mind,
I am free.


Woe is for the worrying souls
who see the life on a narrow hard end,
whilst ignoring the peripheral views of the world.

Forgot to embrace the flames and hurricanes,
and to carry a little side of faith
that every mishap is a blessing.

And to be grateful of what you have,
before you kneel and clenching fists in pulsating wounds of regret
over things you threw away
with a make believe pride,
in an uphill pursuit of your own
imaginary made up fantasies you will never reach.

Life is for living,
And love is for-giving.


Over the window, I look.
And I see

With life on your right hand,
You brought love on the other.

Showering me with colourful rain,
Every drop,
Flowing through the cracks

Washing away the scars and fears I have been covering.


There's a covered empty canvas
Somewhere in the corner
Of my crude mind,
The obsolete empty piece that has been left
For so long, nearly forgotten.

With the cracked palette,
I began to mix the faded and dusty colors
With the best of emotions
New  found memories,
Wills, make beliefs, and once broken pieces of hope.

Through pain and bliss,
Time through time,
With every stroke of the brush,
While carving a smile, a familiar tilt on my face;
A drive to quench
My thirst of perfection and masterpiece.

Oh, how I long to paint the paper clouds with colors
in a comforting ease and guilt free,

While letting my imagination
Drown in the resemblance of your beauty,
That slips from my mind through my fingertips.

Oh, how I long to feel the calm,
Over a finished piece.

Like a long lonesome highway,
I finally yield before a road sign
With our names stamped on it.

Where I can rejoice, upon a completed journey.

...are you lost, or incomplete?

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