Saturday, August 11, 2012

Have Heart

Of every night
I caressed, folded and molded
The pillow, trying to forge
The resemblance of your face

I pulled myself together,
Stronger and stronger.

And while you were away,
I quake the world for us
I faced the world, with you in me,
With your love empowering me,
In the overwhelming struggle

Forging a better self
Forging a better me
A better tomorrow
For us.

That said, I am pulling away
From the giving ups
And to rise,
Rather than to stumble
And crumble
Like a molten volcano.

But though building up concretes
And the whole figments
Of imagery being the dam against the strongest tide,

I do too, cracked a little. 

Because no matter how sturdy I seemed,
How far I flew,
I need a soft ground to land to.
My safe ground, my sanctuary.

It's inconvenient to walk,

When the naked truth is
I miss

So I will wait for you, love
With an empty open hand
To be filled
With yours.

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