Monday, September 3, 2012

Little By Little.

It wasn't until I had sometime
to clean up the rooms,
And unfolding the box, 
our box,
for the hundredths of time.

Laying out pictures of us,
frame by frame, little by little.
When a note slips away to my laps.

A small little white piece of paper,
written nicely, yet undone.

"the smell of morning dew,
at the break of dawn,
it's a start of something new,
with the roses blossom in the lawn.

as the sunlight touches my face,
i hear the hustle in the wind,
as my heartbeat pick up the pace,
i open my eyes with u on my mind"

With a calm and collected smile on my face,
my itchy fingers began to move.

Little by little,

before I had that little piece of paper filled.

"as my face began to feel the moisture,
embracing the breeze
i held close our pictures together 
between my knees

it's a world of wonder, 
where magic rejoiced
when the world seems lighter, 
whenever i hear your voice

round and round we dance,
under the sunlight, 
we waltz,
in our profound romance.

and though I might not 
be always in your view
my endless whispers of love, joy and care
will always be with you."

And I smiled,
putting my fingers at rest,

Little by little.

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