Friday, January 16, 2015

Faith and Forgiveness

I have learned,

that forgiveness should be worth forever.

I have learned, that,

there are times you should forgive, and forget.

There are times,

you should forgive, but not forget.

And also, there will be a time,

for those who are unworthy of forgiveness that you need to forget.

Have faith, always.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

One day.

One day.
Just, one day.

One day,
you will know how it feels to feel unfinished.

One day,
you will truly know what it feels to feel diminished.

One day,
you will know how it feels to be constantly pushed away.

One day,
you will understand the reason of why you need to stay.

One day,
you will know how it feels to reach out to what you want so bad helplessly.

One day,
you will know how it feels to be in a time wrap that seems infinity.

One day,
you will know the impounding pain that never leaves.

One day,
you will rue night you thought it was never worth the grief.

One day,
you will know how empty it feels when your hand has nothing to hold.

One day,
you will know the moment when you won't be able to sleep, to turn sideways and to fold.

One day,
you'd be on your knees looking up to the sky.

One day,
you won't even know how to shed a tear even when your heart starts to cry.

One day,
you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

One day,
the only thing you can do is to count the scars you bear.

One day,
you will know how it feels to be betrayed and lied to over and over.

One day,
you will know how painful it is to hold on even when you think it might not get any better.

One day,
you will kneel even when you think you're strong enough to stand.

One day,
you will know how unbearable it is, even when you think you got what it takes to mend.

One day,
you will have something so pure, so full of love, so delicate.

One day,
it will be gone, just as you are forced to believe that it is fate.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Man With A Thousand Hole.

This is a story of a man,
on a the edge of a mountain.

A man of a thousand smiling masks,
to face the grim reality of life
as he knew.

He is a man,
hallowed by many,
understood by few.

A man, who cherished a thousand souls in his life,
until his soul left nothing but an empty shell.

A man,
who once had a thousand stories to tell,
yet chooses to remain in silence.

He is a man,
who gave his love unconditionally
even when he has lost his a thousand times.

He is a firm believer.
who believes things will be better
even it never did, even for a thousand years.

He is a man,
who understands the pain of the others
but never had anyone to look into his eyes,
to understand the thousands of his.

A man,
who had betrayals in life as a gamble
whom he lost a thousand times,
yet he still kept his card on the deck.

He has a thousand holes in him,
a hollowed mind, heart deluged by blackened thoughts,
yet keeps the spark for the others.

He is a man,
who learned the rocky road, the hard way
before paving thousands of crimson paths for the others.

"In life, everybody makes mistakes, 
so that they will learn from it", they say.

He was THAT mistake.
A jumping rock, for thousands of others to relearn life,
to achieve something better.
never had that chance of being the jumper.

A man, who walked the others a thousand miles.
Yet never took a step for himself,
as he waits for uncertainties he had his faith in.

A man,
who has a thousand reasons to regret,
even him being a regret to remember for some
but he regrets none of them.

A man,
who can never provide
all the wealth in the world to give to all,
but only a thousand sincere prayers on his lips,
even when he is uncertain that his own prayers will be answered.

This is a story of a man,
who took a giant breathe of faith
and swallowed his hopes.

And in the end,
he smiled cherishly
like there is nothing left in the Earth for him
to care no more.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ignite Me.

I took a good look in the mirror today.
Of scars and bruises,
shown right in the reflection under the balmy lights.

There are some memories buried
right within this never ending clenching white knuckle.

Right in the cracks within the spiralling fingers.
Slowly deepened into the void of nothingness.

Drenched in feelings that should have
been bottled up and kept inside,
but it burns hotter than the back of the unforgiving sun.

But it was never really a clench in regret.


I have none.

I got no regret,
of popping up the question, early in one fine morning,
as I vowed myself for an oath.

I got no regret,
of finally letting someone to fill the void that has been emptied in me.

I got no regret,
of getting myself bruised forgiving mistakes that are unforgiven
and even, begged for it.

I got no regret,
of getting myself lied to, even when I can sense the truth.

I got no regret,
to fall and fall, over and over, just to rise above again.

I got no regret,
of promises I made, oaths I have taken,
because I know how I'd stand by it.

I got no regret,
of putting a ring onto someone's finger
as a promise that I will put another one day,
just to have it returned in agony.

I got no regret,
to stay true to what I have believed in,
even the roads are at times paved with thorns and thistles.

I got no regret,
of saving myself onto something so big and pure,
even if it turns out unfinished.

I got no regret,
of being the blaming wall,
for things that did
and some I didn't even do.

I got no regret,
of being hated by many,
when all I have is compassion and forgiveness for all.

I got no regret,
of being in shame for who I am,
rather than being proud of what I am not.

I got no regret,
holding onto hopes that are
shone by the light of imaginary dreams,
yet tainted by the shadow of mistakes.

I got no regret,
to give trust blindly,
just to be thrown down the drain.

I got no regret,
counting on meaningless promises,
because I am aware of what I am giving.

I got no regret,
to wish I had been wrong,
because the truth sometimes can hurt even more.

I got no regret,
to have fought for something so pure,
even it turns out to be sour.

I got no regret
to correct the wrongs,
even when the rights are continuously fabricated.

I got no regret
to determinedly wanted to stay,
even when I've been pushed away.

I got no regret,
to build a bridge brick by brick, just to have it burned.

I got no regret,
when all I have is love,
just to be thrown back with hate.

I got no regret,

because when everything ends,
I am the one who still standing
right here, all along.
like always.

Because in the end,
though I seemed to walk empty handed in defeat,
I gained everything, gained so much,
Just for me to walk again.

And because I got no regret,
of loving a lovely soul endlessly,
still am, and always,
will be.

Monday, June 17, 2013

If you ever love sombody.

If you love someone, don't bail.

If you love someone, don't quit even if the loved one tried to make you.

If you love someone, don't judge. For all that you might not know, is that if she really loves you, she will end up realizing of how much you do.

If you love someone, trust her. Even if she broke it numerous times. Even if you already know the truth, trust her.

If you love someone, do not accuse things, even if you might think the accusation is almost true, even if you might think that you know everything, but you may be wrong.

If you love someone, do not violate with harsh decisions and words, yet choose to wrap her with kindness. Because kindness will melt all the negative things at the end of the day, regardless whatever truth may come.

If you love someone, be bold and strong, for love comes with a price of pain. Once you're impervious, you'd know what keeps you alive.

If you love someone, stay. Until the day she removes you, until the day you're no longer needed. Until the day she'd cold heartedly tell you "I don't love you anymore".

If you love someone, give. For what you give, you'll get it back.

If you love someone, love. And never expect anything in return.

Friday, April 19, 2013


I don't normally keep track of time.
For I am quite of a klutz.
I do.
Like, at times, even when I am
late for work, late for a meeting, anything,
I just roll my eyes back and inhale everything in
just to let myself slide through time.

I never really had a calendar on the wall
that I can cross out the dates,
or doodle something important next to it.

I never really get the idea of time space continuum,
nor enjoying a time break,
let alone some crazy fucked up imagination of having a time device
to go back in time,
where I used to think
it will be better for me to change certain things.

Because I don't need to.

is what I really need.

And at the moment,
I am here,
just where I need to be.
where I want to be.

But often unntentionally I would
flip through my phone just to look at the calendar.
That, in between looking at the photographs and text messages;
The dates.
The significant of the numbers, that went pass through me
on an unspecific basis
just to find out where exactly am I.

And I happened to be, where I needed to be.

And like today,
just as I came back, and flipped through the catalogs of days
in my cracked screen phone
I realized that,
all the things that have happened,
led me to this day,

the 500th day,

ever since we looked at each other,
and sewn our hands together.

Time flies, yes it does.
But at this particular time,
I can feel the breeze,
the sweet scent you left me.

Just enough to feel your presence in the wind,
before I can reach out to the warmth of your fingers,

And I will be patiently waiting,
for the next 500.

As always.
Always will be.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Again, for hundredths of times,
I claw the night sky
With different strokes
As I always do with different fingers every night
Moving slowly pretending as if I was getting myself ready to conduct an orchestra;
To an overture of a masterpiece I've been writing all my life.

I draw breaths silently
In between eye blinks
Synchronized with every ticking second,
Figuring out unimaginable and infinite   and restless queries;
A deep hunger for answers that can never be filled.

Of all the wonders, I can still find peace under the blanket, embracing your shirts, the remaining scent on my hand, everything that I can hold on to in times like these.

And looking up to the sky above us, wondering if you are staring at it at the same time the way I do.

I guess if I were to recount either all the pain I've crossed or the joy I've been in, it would take forever. I realize that the more I'm trying to swim the more I'm sinking in, before I will dissolve and become a part of the molecules of whatever I'm drowning in.

So instead, I'd find peace in letting myself drifting away with the waves.

Because deep inside, in the end, in between somewhere, I know I'd find find you, standing, looking back at me, with the most beautiful smile,

Always you. Always will be, always.

Always, the best laugh.
Always, the reliable source of excitement.
Always, the never ending source of entertainment.
Always, the greatest of friend.
Always, the devout lover.
Always, the most adorable clumsy butterfinger.
Always, the loveliest of all.
Always, the sweetest scent.
Always, the dependable council.
Always, the softest skin to touch.
Always, the warmest shoulder to lean to when things get rough.

Always, the hand that fits when our fingers are sewn together, hand in hand.

Always, my home, where your heart is.

Always you. Always will be. Always.

...are you lost, or incomplete?

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