Friday, April 19, 2013


I don't normally keep track of time.
For I am quite of a klutz.
I do.
Like, at times, even when I am
late for work, late for a meeting, anything,
I just roll my eyes back and inhale everything in
just to let myself slide through time.

I never really had a calendar on the wall
that I can cross out the dates,
or doodle something important next to it.

I never really get the idea of time space continuum,
nor enjoying a time break,
let alone some crazy fucked up imagination of having a time device
to go back in time,
where I used to think
it will be better for me to change certain things.

Because I don't need to.

is what I really need.

And at the moment,
I am here,
just where I need to be.
where I want to be.

But often unntentionally I would
flip through my phone just to look at the calendar.
That, in between looking at the photographs and text messages;
The dates.
The significant of the numbers, that went pass through me
on an unspecific basis
just to find out where exactly am I.

And I happened to be, where I needed to be.

And like today,
just as I came back, and flipped through the catalogs of days
in my cracked screen phone
I realized that,
all the things that have happened,
led me to this day,

the 500th day,

ever since we looked at each other,
and sewn our hands together.

Time flies, yes it does.
But at this particular time,
I can feel the breeze,
the sweet scent you left me.

Just enough to feel your presence in the wind,
before I can reach out to the warmth of your fingers,

And I will be patiently waiting,
for the next 500.

As always.
Always will be.

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