Wednesday, September 26, 2012


There's always a permanent beauty
in every love words I have uttered
whenever I see your divine smile.

A constant repetition
reminding me
that I am not just in love with you,
but a permanent love
that I have found
within us.

That I do, 
without a small fraction of doubt,
love you.

Even though there were times
we threw pain at each other
strangling ourselves with rants and screams
and torments for every corner we've encountered. 

Before realizing that we grew stronger
each time.
And to realize,
that every time we felt that we've lost,
it was just another battles won.

And I will always,
in the aftermath,
reach out to you,
embracing us,
and to remind you
for every beauty we often missed seeing.

As much as you want me to.

And without fail,
To remind you,
there's a huge black card on the wall,
that will always greet you home.


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