Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9 Months.

It has been 9 months,
since we depart
for our great sailing.

We roamed the ocean,
through thunderstorms and maelstroms.
through sunlights and starry nights.

We sailed,
through the mists and fogs,
before we escaped into the lights.

And I will cherish of everything you've taught me,

That beauty will always reveal
when we are really looking.

That happiness cometh
from the smallest random acts,

That the purest sparks of love,
ignited from profound embers.

The solitude we had,
when we're locked away from the world,
comforting each other
in between cuddles
after waking up
from a bad dream.

And to smile everytime we stare at each other.

And on this very very day,

I am reaching out to you,
with a golden plate on my hands,
carrying my heartfelt thank you,

For being the best of woman in my life,

That has been taking a stroll
standing hand in hand with me,
down the hard, rocky lane,
towards the paved crimson and clover
into fields of gold.

For writing, and continuously writing chapters in my life,

page by page.
Onto the next,
With quills and inks made by our memories,
both bitter and sweet.

For feeding me,

with your beautiful smiles,
your comforting and tender touches,
with joy and laughters.

For loving me,

not just for who I am,
but for what we are,
what we had and have
and for what we will go through.

I love you,
for every breath I inhale everyday,
and became a part of me,
that will always dwell.

Always, and forever.

I love you, dear munchkin. :)

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