Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Finding perfections is a never ending quest
We often forget
That sometimes
is found 
Underneath of all those imperfect rubbles

And that is how I always picture
Of us.
The more I scrap through the surface
Digging tunnels and holes
The more I see of us,
The perfection that lies within.

Because beauty happens to exist when we are overlooking
Often passed when we are to busy
Finding ways to mend the cracks
And to attend our bothered minds
Forgetting the warmth of sunlights reflected on our skins

When in fact, it was right in front of our eyes.

Because happiness often regarded
As a fantasy, a phantom
An untraceable shadow

When we are actually engulfed by it, all these while without us knowing.

And the worse of all, is when we began to throw away things that we never knew we had, happens to be the things we were looking for, all our lives.

Missing you is always a strength
No matter how painful it is sometimes
Therefore I will never give up on telling you 'I miss you's.

Loving you is always liberating
Never once I felt strangled by it
Therefore I will never get tired of saying 'I love you's.

In between all those,
I knew, that
With all my life,
I have found grace, and peace
Over my scrapped knees from praying.

Because you are,
The answer to all of my prayers.

In my own special way
I love you,
And I miss you so.

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