Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red Alert. Red Alert.

Here I am, back on early morning shift.

Well, I might be going back to night during fasting month.

Either way, as long as I can get myself home early without too much hassle from the traffic, that would be fan-fucking-tastic, save the parking space issues, fuel consumption, and the lateness caused by the heavy traffic.

Unsure of the reason, I had insomnia for the past few days.

Man I fucking hate insomnia. At least for now. Even though I jam a song about it on almost every week with me bandmates.

Because insomnia eventually will lead me to drift myself in unwanted thoughts. Especially this particular week. I am trying my best not to succumb to it, and as far as I'm concerned, insomnia is a major jeopardy.

Red alert. Red alert. Cannot be. Cannot be.

Sigh. Whatthefuck. Fuckmylife. Bigfuckingdeal. Whogivesabloodyshit. Et-fucking-cetera.

*Shrug* Well, lets get back to work, shall we?

...are you lost, or incomplete?

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