Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saya Berasa Sangat Bertenaga. *Tough Face!*

Just got up from a short but powerful nap, with my earphone still attached to me ears.


I am feeling fresh. Like the lettuce you saw in the KFC ad on telly eh? Slowly moving with splashing waters and shit, yeah, that's me. Fresh vegetable.

I just got a text from an old friend. Yeah. Whatever. I shall meet her for a while la. Well at least dia tak lupa kawan. Ada je yang macam celaka, bila aku ignore, tau pulak carik. Tapi bila aku mula macam biasa, buat-buat ignore aku.

Pegi mampos. Engkau bukan star mana pun. Kalau comel tahap Esty vocalist Sausage Named Bob takper gak. You're not even quarter to that, so pergi lah kau, hidup kat dunia kau yang cukup best tu. Dunia aku tak perlukan manusia super-kerek macam kau.

Now playing: Creed - Overcome

Ooh yeah, undeniably Scott Stapp is the most gay wanker ever lived. But there's something about this song that makes me felt like I am a fucking Eddie Vedder. Oh how I wish Mr. Vedder was my REAL father.

I rockkkkkk therefore I ammmmmm! Err, no, I wont do a Faizal Tahir rock pose.

And for that, I shall thank you Mr. Stapp.

See, I had few things that came across me today, hit me hard as hard as fucking 9-11 Attack. Aaron's dad, CD covers, CD reviews, J.B. show, my MUM, financial stuffs, a friend at home, car, Paul the Octopus, Dunga-In-Shame, Emma Stone.

All in one. Nice, innit?

And somehow this friggin song is like a blessing. A beacon of hope. A Morse code. A message. No matter how tied and shackled I am to the ground, I need to stand strong. Stay put. I need to get myself together. I gotta make that tough face.

Tough face! *Hknhhhhh!*

I'm entitled to overcome,
Completely stunned, I'm numb.
Knock me down throw me to the floor!
There's no pain I can't feel no more!
I'm entitled to overcome!

Say goodbye with no sympathy!

Fuckin' A, Scott!

So stay strong Moe. You can do this. You're awesome. And yes, Emma Stone's hhhhot.

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