Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cool Beeaaaans.

I had a weiirrrrrd ass dream last night. Or a nightmare.

As if I was in Half-Life 2. Flying headcrabs, living tablefan, and.. uhm yeah, I even met JD (not Jack Daniel, but Jedidiah) Wong from that band Pop Shuvit, with three eyes. Three fucking eyes, scared the shit out of me. Why JD? I don't know. Even the trees and surroundings were exactly as the game was.

And the coolest part, I went to a drive-thru ATM machine. I never bump into any of them in KL or Malaysia so far (but a colleague of mine told me there's one Stan Chart drive-thru ATM somewhere Lebuh Ampang).

Shit, I am cool.

We need loadsa drive-thru ATMs here in Malaysia, especially in KL. Or in major towns. More.

Think about it. With those stations, we all can save time and perhaps parking space, too.

We have enough fast-food drive thrus all over the country, why can't we invest on something else? Something more useful and beneficial? I think we had enough of shopping malls. We need more ATMs. Car wash booths. And ooh yes, traffic lights. As in, WORKING traffic light.

Man, with these kind of dreams, I think I'll be a good mayor. Cool beans.

Oh yeah. Meanwhile, I got few friends buzzing me about my previous entry. They felt as if they were the SUBJECTS.

Well - as a disclaimer (I think I should post this as a header later) - THIS IS MY PANDORA. My Arcane Sanctuary. And I am the Pandemonium. Pande-MOE-nium, get it? The capital. My fucking world. I got to say what I got to say. I'm having my own stand up session here. And if it's not to your liking, go and kill yourself. Fly a kite. Spank a monkey. Go listen to your tweepop.

"Dude, what's a pandemonium?". Look it up. Or shall I say, Google it up.

I don't care. I iz what I iz.

"Siapa makan cili." Definitely. I got my own list, and if your name's not in it, it's not my baking fault. Blame yourself for being such a douche.

So, be nice to me, I shall be nice to thee.

Oh well, time for lunch.

Om nom nom nom om nom.

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