Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Batmoe Returns.

Here I am, back on night shift, suckers.

I think the night atmosphere suits me better. The dark skies, the night breeze that would dissolve me in, hence everything in my mind.

Emo sial. Oh whatthefuck!

And it has been a while I haven't post anything here.

Well, I had a somewhat busy weekend, that is. Yep, with uhm.. series of neverending standups? Man, I need to get a fucking live, I know.

I missed MTV World Stage two nights ago, and definitely gonna miss Slash and Kula Shaker this week, but I hell I'm not really frustrated. In fact, not at all.

Watched Coheed & Cambria yesterday, 'twas a fucking awesome set. Weehoo. And I'll be catching Orianthi and her sweet shining jelly red PRS Custom 24 on Thursday, live in KL.


And now, looking forward for this one gig at Noisy Studio, Ampang, where I will be backing up for Nini, or err, Nindy on guitar.

The flyer came out something like, uhm, this:

Pretty provocative gig title. Just brilliant. Hehe.

Well, obviously, I'm swimming in the sea of boredom now. May the best of luck be upon me, that I shall not drown myself.

Now if you'll excuse me, I got some ass-cleaning tickets to be taken care of. Till then, muthafackas.

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