Friday, August 20, 2010

Woo Woo Wee Wa.

Just now, a 40-year-old me came and tapped me from behind while I was walking along the dark curbside.

"Hey kid, I know you're having a tough time right now."

"Well, what do you expect. You've BEEN there. I mean, here. Whatever."

I tried to walk away.

"Slow down kid. Take those heavy footsteps lightly. Take a deep breath for once, and look around you. Ask yourself. Are you that pathetic? I won't give you the answer as you already know."

Trying to act cool, I lit myself a fag. Inhale, exhale.

"..'the fuck you're talking? Oh, come on. I'm chill like a fucking tomato."

"Look, I know you're torn. Hurt. Yada-yada. But remember, scars are meant to be permanent. You gotta let yourself bruised and wounded, eventually the scars will toughen you up. They won't heal, and that's good about them - to remind you every time. You know.. you're.."

I kicked his balls in, and I stabbed him with a nail clipper to death. I am SALT.

"Shut, the, fuck, up."

Wait, did I just murdered a 40-year-old me?

I don't give a fuck. Because I am strong, and I am bad-ass. And hell if I'm lucky enough to be alive when I reached 40, I won't be wasting my fucking time to go back and make it up to the earlier me.

I am Sal.. no, I'm Moe.


I need two cornettos now.

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syafiqxsaifullah said...

haha. apehal aku suka baca ni tah

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