Friday, July 16, 2010

Karipap FTW!

My palm is itchy; I just can't stop scratching it since yesterday.

That's a segno, or a sign of getting unexpected cash - so they say. By they, I mean (normally) Malays.. well, that's what we've been told from generation to generation.

Not sure how soon tho. Better be really soon. Cuz I got sooo much needs to be catered.

I kinda had that thing before, really bad, before I got a call from KPTM Kuantan few days later.

"Err, Encik Mohamad Fairuz ya? Awak ni ada cek MARA tak claim lagi ni. Return balik, patut dah lama dah clear."

".... Berapa banyak kak?"

"RM2990.90. Kaya betul awak eh? Duit dekat tiga ribu pun takmau?"

Or something like that. Bloody hell I can't remember.

But yeah, 'twas pretty hard back then, while struggling with bills and rents and shit (aku hidup bujang wei, at least aku tak nyusahkan mak bapak). It was like a blessing, having a light shone upon you from the midst of the dark clouds. Pretty cool.

NNNnnnow, the same gist reappeared. Oooh, wonder what would it be. Or when.

And still, I have two pieces of currypuff left on this table.


Anyway, may you have a great weekend. And PLEEASSE pray for mine as well.

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Cik Bucken said...

aku x ingt aku da anta post ke aku tertutup window ni td,,aku tag ko dlm satu contest.ohoho. join kalau ko rase ko cukup rajin.ahaahah

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