Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i am happy.

as i watch the thin smoke
slowly dissolve and disappear
outside my window
into the air, beneath the rays of light

along with those
of people and faces and conversations and names and phone numbers and places and pages
that i long to erase
from these fractions in my head.

i can finally convince myself that i,
had achieved a victory,
a triumphant glory,
a wonderful moment,
a permanent escape from my own circle of suffering.

i did it. i finally did it.

it felt
refreshing. alive. mindblowing. wonderful. excited. breathtak.. sigh.

or any other beautiful terms that i can inject as much as possible into my mind.

except, "happy".
-because i don't need to.

i am already in a huge, solid fortress of happiness.

i am so happy,
just to find that

a smile, that once i had and lost,

clearly shown in the reflection in your glowing eyes.

i let go of a sigh, that sums a paragraph;
"i don't need to bear any doubt in my chest no more,
that you are, too, feel the same way as i do.
when all i see in your eyes,
is me."

i, am, happy.

1 comment:

Nadialah, Nadia. said...

yo poet. nanti kau bukukan semua hasil kau, aku rasa boleh jadi good selling material :D

...are you lost, or incomplete?

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