Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another lame post. Well, feel free to read.

Wow, it’s been awhile.

I must say that these past few.. weeks, there’s nothing much happened.

Apart from getting used to what do we reckon as ‘living as a normal person in a normal life’, well damn yes it was pretty boring. As if boredom rhymes well with my middle name. (Literally I do have a middle name. Pssh). Oh yeah, I did went to Shah Alam, lepaking with my friends, and that was an AWESOME weekend. Thanks, beaches! :) Other than that, well.. pfft.

Not that I’m being ungrateful over my normal life, but living in a boring life is a different thing. And SURVIVING in a boring life is another.

Life itself’s kinda like shifty doors. You’ll never expect that it’ll swing open on left while you were dodging right. A pandora’s box, that you can fill anything as much as you can in, yet it stays as what it is.

Likewise any other 22 years old mere Malay dude (well, going-to-be this year), I’m hoping for something better this year. Lame and pathetically abused by my own deeds. Ahh, wish I could just burn away all those years.

What more can I ask for? Currently living in the most notorious, condensed, dirrrrtiest part of Klang Valley called Selayang (near the Pasar Besar), where you can enjoy the scent of rotten sour garbage and flattened mice on the road, every single day. And oh, not to mention, I’m STILL single. Aha. That could be the best part of it.

Still, I felt like I’m missing out the best in life. STILL. Why eh?

Well, the definite answer is: idk.

Thank you for reading this stupid post tho. :)


Nadia said...

wtf single?
ko patut kata :
was in a relationship for _____ (insert appropriate duration of time, be it lies or truth, it's fine either way) and then suddenly i'm single again.

'suddenly' lolz XD
ah anyway selamat mengharungi hidup yang ko-kata-bosan tu.

El Moe de la Rocha said...

haha. dalam banyak banyak part, part tuuuuuu je yang ko asik particular.

ngape ek? :p :p

Nadia said...

saje sebab aku ni manusia tipikal haha. dan pasal kebosanan idup ko tu aku takleh komen sebab aku sendri dah banyak komplen dalam idup aku, maka aku takde hak nak cakap pasal idup orang.


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