Friday, August 21, 2009

a lil bit of this and that.

This is kinda late post by the way, but, hell.

Aaanyway, just to post it up, last weekend was reeaaaly hectic for me. "What a weekend", as described by Wa/Ashroff of Stonebay (former pro Skateboarder as well, Taman Tun champion mariii). Went to Penang, teching for Wa himself and helping out Stonebay as one of their crew members. Yes, we were on tour baybeeh.

For those who still not having any clues about Stonebay, pffft. Go and check em out.

My story began in few weeks ago when Wa suddenly texted me while I was busily "working" (konon, padahal fesbuk memanjang). "Dude, are you free next weekend? I need a tech for bla-bla-bla in Penang". And I think, like.. "Hell, i need a breakaway as well. It's been a while I havent had one since!". And soooo, I replied back saying "Ok Wa, set!". Well, I made up such a wiseee decision, for once. Ahah.

That particular Friday (last Friday), Wa fetched me from work (after so much hassle dealing with traffic jams and such -- sorry dude!), went to Ajan's (of Brainhead) place, met Jamie (Stonebay's band manager, I think?), waited for Ajan, before we hit the roaddddd. I felt sorry for
Ajan, as he had to drive under his "not-so-good" condition.

We reached Penang about 12 midnight, after a loooong drive, to this Royal Hotel sumthing-sumthing (I'm not good at places and names, trust me). Ojie the frontman was already under his sack. Ronnie, Afiq the drummer and Adi (Ojie's tech, also the one whom I should be thankful to, for these lovely pictures. Sorry beb gua cilok gambar2 lu! :p) was watching TV when we arrived. Thank god, mampus nak kejut bukak pintu masing2. LOL.

Adi, Ronnie, and Afiq, chilling like chillies.

Felt draggy by the trip, so I thought I wanted to end the night, let alone those guys having fun going out afterwards lah. But in the end, I ended up lepaking with those guys around town for a drink at this one mamak. Sekali sekala kannnnn.. bukan selalu!

Honestly, I love Penang. The town, the buildings, the views.. :D Ok, that's uhm.. random.

Ehem. Aaanyways, and so tomorrow begans with a nice breakfast (biasela, hotel) to kickstart the day, before we packed ourselves for soundcheck.

Semailll.. ure on not-so-candid camera! (L-R: me, Wa, Afiq, Adi, Ron, Ajan)

Off to QEII, and I was walking like a skinny grizzly bear. Phuck, always not in the best pose. Lol

Afiq with his Jeffery Din pose. :p

Kebuloq. But them chicken wings, vermicellis and broccolis are nice weeh. Ceewah.

Macam the Godfather, kan? Lol.

Joanna & Co.

Love Me Butch!

Stonebay's on fire!

The Casts (L-R): me, Ojie, Xfm boss, Afiq, Wa, Loy Xfm, Ron, and Ajan (sitting)

Phewww, what a show. We head back to our rooms (after we had some pretty draggy times.. suka bebenor budak2 ni melayan Joanna lol). Ojie, Ron, Adi and Afiq had to leave early, as they had to catch the bus, somewhere 7.30 pm. Me, Ajan and Wa was thinking of going back straightaway but Loy kept harassing us, "Ala bro.. lepak laaa.. malam ni ada post partayyy!". Sooo.. we decided to show up for a while before hitting the road again. Had some pizzas, met new friends like Shaq, Fara, and all Xfm'ers. Bunch of nice guys, tho.

We head back to KL around 11 pm, before reaching Kelana Jaya about 6 am. Well, actually, Penang is not THAT far, it's just that we were toooo tired, so we decided to park somewhere, take a nap (which eventually happened to be 3 hours of sleep lol), and continue. Met Ajin (Ajan's brother, of Brainhead as well), had a teh tarik session somewhere in KJ. Went back to Ajan's place to pickup Wa's Neo, chillout for a while with Ajin and his Paramore/Flyleaf concert ambition (Whoa!), before we went to Cinneleisure at about 7.30 am.

Well, Cinneleisure wasn't really as happening as in Penang (to me), but the sound system provided was not bad at all, and the sound engineer happened to be a cool guy. Thanks dude! (Kudos to Max as well for the piccies)

"Ku cubaaa terbangkannn sayappppp..."

Max tag aku gambar ni. =_=" gila tajam mata. Haha. Nampak tak?

Teh Tarik place, where we ruled the lot!

And thats the sum up of all boring, intense, frustrating weeks before. I didn't went to the MTV World Stage, which I could have been there. But there's nothing compared to spend a weekend doing fun stuffs with closest friends. Well, like I said, I made the right decisions. Thanks guys! Hehe. Looking forward to Jakarta, soon! :D

dessert bite: it's damnnn tiring weeh. I wonder how did those guys like Paramore or any other bands can keep up with themselves on tour?


Afiq Hakim said...

perrghhh giler pnajang blog kau..hehehe....aku ni giler malas (alasan je malas tu sebenranya takder time hehehe) nak update blog aku..hehehe

El Moe de la Rocha said...

haha. jgn memain, aku buat ni time opis! *shhhhhhhhhh!*

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