Monday, September 7, 2009

Something is breaking inside. Lolz.

Well, here's a song that I've been stricken to it for few days. Something that really inspires me to.. I don't know. In almost anything.

Up Dharma Down - Sugarcoats & Heartbeats.

What more could you ask for, apart form a song that has a beautiful melody, a definite concrete melancholic lyrics, with good vocals?

Here's a live version of it.

And here are the lyrics:

Under weathered skies we stood our ground
You're my gravity that keeps me sound
But we let these seconds fade, our hands unnamed
And only tears do say the things we want in vain

I've been here before where words do fail
We tried to stay for more to wait for change
But nothing comes around the bend this time
Nothing we can call all mine.

Breathe lies of sugarcoats and heartbeats

Something is breaking inside.


dessert bite: what a weekend it was, but not in a good way. :(

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