Friday, September 4, 2009

Yeaaah boy.

My first (i think) post, for Ramadhan. Waddhup people!

Hmm.. sedar² dah masuk hari ke -14. Dang. Besok terawikh pun orang dah start baca qunut. Kejap gile. Alhamdulillah, setakan ni selamat tanpa ada apa² kekantoian. Lolz! How is it going w/u guys?

I can't believe/imagine/think of whatever happened to me these past few weeks. Gosh. Macam² benda. Best dan tak best, belakang cerita. But to be exact - a LOT. I got my first "recording" job (yeah people, i do know how to click on that roundish red button called "Rec" and get the shizzle on), got few deals, been around, got myself a.. uhm.. driving license. LEGALLY, that's the most important part. Woi, fair enough la, i got it by MYSELF, okay? Ramai je kengkawan aku pau duit parents nak buat lesen.. haha. Kan? Oops. :p

Hmm.. looking back past these years, kekadang aku boleh senyum sensorang. Bila flash back balik, (probably after SPM, cuz i think that was when my actual journey to the 'real' life began) mcmana aku enrolled kat kampus di Kuantan, been around, found someone, broke up with someone, jatuh, bangun, jatuh balik, merangkak.. gosh. And how I ventured myself to the new world called "entertainment/showbiz", where i met tonnes of faces. Backstabbers, liars, pricks, counterfeits, dan ramai lagi.

But in the end, where i'd sum it all up, it was worth the journey.

I mean, when i take a look around, tgk balik apa yang aku ada sekarang ni, gosh, i can't believe i made it. Apa yang aku ada setakat ni, Alhamdulillah. Semua (or mostly), atas usaha aku sendiri, dan aku bangga. :) I got a place to stay, things to wear, i fed myself, afford to give some to my mum every month without failure, got wheels, wy own workstation, everything... alhamdulillah.

Well, my very point is that, no matter how hard/how depressed you are with your life now, somehow someday when you least expecting it, it will eventually pays.

And recently, i got myself a new haircut as well. Lolz. Lepas telinga aku hampir gugur dengan ayat² sinikal orang² sekeliling. Jeles sebab rambut aku panjang cantik mengurai. Haaha! Konon² nak try style Dave Grohl zaman One By One, maka ini hasilnya:

saje post kecik². haha!

Bughuk! But i felt good, so, cock it! :D

Yeah. Well, thats it for now. :) Stay tuned!

dessert bite: dah bayar zakat fitrah lum?


Anonymous said...


I also usaha everything myself..I don't like to depend on people or even my family to do things for me.

It makes me independent..

I still prefer your old

Pije. said...

hai,the dewasa moe.
i like your new haircut.
much better than before.

jgn lupa dtg rumah i lg raya ni.

odagiri said...

wow wee
comel gilak
meh kiss skit

El Moe de la Rocha said...

gary: yeaah man, thats the spirit!

pije: sure sure. :) make sure masak best2 eh? lolz! :p

air: call me pumpkin. haha!

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