Thursday, March 24, 2011


At times I'd go and find an open field at night, and lie on it as I watch the open sky.

And wonder,
how does it feel to be lost in space.

Well, not to run away from things, nor escaping myself from something -

I just wanted to know how does it feel to stroll far away from the exosphere. Far into the cold, empty void.

A quest,
a test.

Feeling free from gravity,
that's always pulling me back to Earth.
Away from the scorching heat of the Sun.

Counting the glimmering stars, as if I'm transmitting waves back and forth.

Swimming through the rocky asteroids, as they slowly collide with each other.

To gaze the Earth from far far away.

And to just keep swimming, in the utmost exhaustion.

And to miss you from far.
And somehow, I will try to swim my way back
to you.
With everything I have left.

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