Thursday, March 10, 2011


i was once a 24/7 coward,
thought that i'd always savour my ride on a bike
in the rain.
a great escape from everything.
a total retreat.
a tourniquet for my unseen cuts and bruises.

counting thunders in the distant.
waiving my hand,
in the motion of air as they collide with my fingers
while emotionlessly speeding on a wet, slippery asphalt.

lost i was
in between million gazillion raindrops.
lost i was
in the gush of cold winds.
lost i was
in my own world;

in an open road, yet matteroffactly i was actually
confined in a small squared dead cell

lost, i was.

so lost, i even tried to convince myself,
that i'd be better off vanished in the wind.

when at the end of the road,
i'll be shivering in the wet and cold air.

at the end of the day,
a coward,

looking back,
i am now bold and brave enough to carve a smile on my face,
or throw a laugh/grin/chuckle - anything cynical, whatever! -
at a memory that blooms only in the neverendingeverlasting autumn.

and for a moment,i had been bestowed
with a pure, geniune touch;
filled with 1001 emotions.
that brings me back to the ground,
back to the gravity.

a touch that diverts me from the gloomy fractions of thoughts
that made me forget that
once i've endured a period of moment i have
to close my eyes by the dusk of storms and thunders,
to hide myself from the lightnings,
and to wake myself up at the dawn of a calm, still morning.

and i've finally learned to unclench my fists,
that has been strangling me over the years
my own fists
that actually suffocate me without me knowing what was it.

for years.

i'm. finally. fine. i'm. finally. feeling. great. i've. never. felt. better.


man, i'm hungry.

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