Friday, January 1, 2010

I See Balls And Flares. Oh, Hello 2010! :)

It has been a pretty tough year for me, I'd say. With unforgettable memories as well. Got a new job, new cool friends, LOST some of them (probably a cast-out case and some yada-yadas), eliminating few existing ones, erasing few names and memories, got a raise, got a new band (which I will post something about it very soon), got my OWN-FUCKING-CAR (finally), even had fall in love (well, almost, cuz yeah, as usual, kena rejek je manjang ROTFL). But definitely, I'd say: WHAT A YEAR.

As Dave Grohl once said (or once sang), it's times like these, you learn to live again. :)

I reckon that it is going to be another bumpy ride for me, but fuck it, am gonna do it anyway.

To 2009: thank you pal for the lovely year, you will be remembered.

To 2010: BRING IT ON, beeotch! I'm waiting! >:D

And to YOU guys out there who are fortunate enough to read this:

my, that was fast. HAHA!

dessert bite: and to you, boo! you suck! >:p

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