Tuesday, September 13, 2011


People say,
that in the realms of dream,
everything is possible.

I once dreamed of having the power to walk on the water,
and fought a Leviathan.
And drowned at the end of it.

I once dreamed the very impossible thing a year ago,
almost every day.
And some of it happened.
And it was beautiful.

But as always, dreams are never made to last.

And to wake up,
cold and wet by the bed,
into the reality
- bearing unbearable pain
gasping for air in my chest;

I know now that every clenched fingers of mine
gripping the bedsheet
telling me to hold on to it.

Telling me that it is okay to have a little hope inside you
- that things will go back as the way it is,
or it will bloom into something more beautiful in the future.

But also at the very same time, to embrace the momentary peace and to raise your foot one another and keep on walking.

Because nothing is permanent in this ever changing world.
And the future,
is always changing.

A blow of wind may halt a snail on its slow journey, but never bend its will to resume its path.

I am no Moses.
I don't have the power to divide a sea
and to walk through it.

But somehow, I will swim.
Until it drowns me at the end of reality.

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