Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Unmovable

I had a dream,
that an old man came to me, and told me,
that I am indeed an unmovable mountain.

He told me that I am a hypocrite;
as shook me badly and grunt,
and screamed at me,
telling me all of my flaws in a list,
and my weaknesses.

At the very end of it, he said.
"You never ran away. So do not pretend".

And I woke up, to the sound of my alarm,
cold yet sweaty.

I took sometime to think,
but I guess, I have to take that into my account of subconciousness.

In fact, he's right in every way.
I never actually run away from problems.
I never took a turn and turn my back against anything.
I'd make up
to tell the world "I am alright",

whilst they were all a cover up mask of a frowning face, gritting teeths, a broken soul that's trying to hold onto whatever he has.

And I beg my heart to have mercy
on my shattered and scarred soul.

In seconds, I took a breath,
and made peace with the morning sunlight and breeze on the window.

Because somehow, I know,
I am already shackled by my wits and guts to the earth,
that would not move me,
because I am me.

And to wonder why,
I always know that somehow,
I can never run away.
I will not, ever, run away.
From you.

I will always be here discreetly
under the wide sky
with widely opened arms,
in case
if you need a soft plain to land,
if one day somehow your wings
will be broken again.

I am here to stay.

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