Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yielding A Love.

I bear so many scars underneath my skin,
that no longer strangles,
but instead holds me firmly
to fortify and thickening my skin.

And numbs me to the bone.

I have learned,
that to love, is more than just to hate;

you need to relearn on how to love everything that has happened, and to let it go.

Because, to love someone,
is not to bail away,
but to stay,
not for the soul that used to wrap your skin like a duvet,
but to stand, and take the chance to embrace the empty air with an open arms.

I have learned that,
to holster the sword before a battle begin, does not mean a defeat.
To yield the shield, does not mean that you're hopeless.
I have learned that,
the best defense is to strip down and bring yourself to your weakness,
and learn to feel the strength that comes from within.

Because glory is always within those who are patient.

I have loved, truly loved a free spirit,
but you can never expect to have it revolve around you,
because every second,
somehow holds the chance of it slipping away.

I have loved a broken winged bird,
and I had bring her back to life,
even for just few months,
and I know, there will be a day,
when it will somehow spread its wings and fly away.

I have loved a shape of cloud in the sky,
a cloud, so beautiful, so tender and
But its a matter of time when the wind would blow it away.

I have withstood the lightnings, and I have survived a hurricane,
That has stripped me completely.
And I got nothing left to hold on to.
But I know, at least I got nothing to clench.

So I stay, with a smile on my face.
And I choose to live, for always.

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