Monday, May 11, 2009

The Good, The So-So, And The Father Of All Fcukups.

Again, I went for a movie marathon as usual (the only difference is that I watched em in Penang with my pal Fiza Lim - of which I will tell the whole journal, probably later.. damn, I love that town!). Two movies - Sell Out and Paul Blart Mall Cop - which, I did in Penang and one - Coming Soon - which I had after I went back from the pulau, while hung out my other best pal Syafiq Salleh in Times Square BB.

Now, back on the track, Sell Out.

IMHO, that movie sucks. It's an utter fuckups of all worst movies, period. I'd always thought that Meet The Spartans or Delta Farce are such a waste of money, but seriously, this Sell Out movie, should has its reels burnt in a trunk, thrown off a cliff or just dilute em in acid. In addition to the fuckupness, its a LOCAL INDIE film, which has the "bla-bla-bla film festival awards" logo on the poster (sebab tu la aku tertipu, kariyamak betul). Sungguh tak layak. Buta ke apa mat saleh yang bagi awards tu? Well, you can read the summary here, as I'm not interested to sum up the whole story myself.

Why? First of all, I would reckon this film as "syok sendiri". By putting Hannah Tan as one of the headturner-eyeopener in the film, or "wild" cinematography would not save this lame, pityful, full-of-trash plotted movie. Just take a look at the intro itself, apa kejadahnya dengan scene interview mamat berlengging (alt word for shirtless), followed by the 10-15 mins of dragging, slow interviewing scene, macam siput tengah stone. And believe me, thats just 1 over 10 parts in the movie. Bayangkan the whole time frame. Full of craps, craps and just craps. And lines such as "Don't 'but' me! I hate people who 'but' me!". Heh, 'but' my ass lah. And to the addition, its just me, fiza, and two old men watching the whole movie, which made us ONLY four audience. Nampak sgt FILEM TAK LAKU. Setakat nak jual muka actors cun-dan-hensem yang kononnya speaking berhabuk, tapi langsung tak ada motif. BABIHH!! Rugihh duit aku sial! Takpe, for those who got my YM, just ping me, dengan berbesar hatinya aku akan mencarut lebih panjang regarding to this shitty movie.

Then, untuk mengubat hati yang lara, we bought another tickets, for Paul Blart Mall Cop.

And yes, even tho it was a so-so comedy movie (directed by Adam Sandler himself) it was worth watching. A fun movie, although filled with predictable scenes, at least we do felt that it was worth every ringgit. (Pendek je kan summary dia? ahaha). Less is more. Not to say a must see, but.. yeah. Like I sed, worth watching. Adam Sandler was a respectable comedian, who produced (and starred of course) in a large number of great and successful movies. So, I shall say no more about it.

****time warping****

Then, just after i arrived in KL, i went to watch Coming Soon in BB.

Gila gore sial citer ni, i tell you. The plot itself, is really confusing, but in a challenging way. you might get confused with the "supposed" ghost with the "original" ghost, and the whole idea is reaaaally somewhat genius. Well, Thai horror movie la kan, what more can I say. Does not necessarily has to be the hantu kena terbang2 whatsoever, even tho, its more like a mad psychotic woman with rustic knife chasing the victims, it does made sense. Brilliant, just brilliant. And to sum up the whole marathon, Coming Soon has won the trophy.

If only those lame-fuckup-arrogant-syok sendiri local indie film maker would lean back, relax, learn how to make a proper, make-sense movie like their neighbours (ie Thai and Indons), this slight gesture of anger and disappointment (plus embarresment as a Malaysian) will not exist. Ni tak. Berlagak, kononnya avant-garde.. so called genius, trying-to-make-a-revolution-here bullshits. But please, do not waste the cinema ad boards with your stupidity and egoistic products and "ouuuuuh. granndddd" film posters.

Winning an international film awards would means nothing if the movie is still unacceptably ridiculous. Plus, bukannya oscar pun. And like there are tonnes of film festivals throughout the year, nak bangga apa? Berangan kuat.

And this is what makes me hate malaysian indie film even more. Sorry to say.

dessert bite: can't wait to watch Transformer 2, the new Star trek and Angels And Demons!


Nadia said...


rindu seh tengok movie kat cinema, kat sini gle mahalllalala. psh XD

Anonymous said...

sy nak tgk angels and demons. whahh.

anyways, with due respect, altho adam sandler memang comedian yg agak bagus, he uses his profit from the movies he made for israel, he's jews anyway. :P

i'll watch, the pirated version one. haha

inche' ahmad blitzenius nazri said...

ko tengok poster sellout tu, sungguh original.

kalah cover buku high fidelity

chaon said...

haha kariyamak!aku lak bengang nk mati ngn cite KNOWING.amboi awl2 bkn men litening to whisper then write numbers on a piece of paper.n numbers tu related to disasters kt ats muke bumi ni.last2 yg bisik2 tu alien.alahai gile xde idea.kreatif la sket.ade ke taruk alien.gile malas fikir.ceh!lantak la ade org suke.yg pnting aku bengang haha

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