Monday, October 12, 2009

Sell Out.

Here's what annoys me most: being labelled as a sellout for listening to certain bands.

For instance, just becasue i'm listening to bands like FOB or Paramore etc, that made me a sellout dude, for listening to those sellout band.

Hell, half of them don't even know what does sellout means.

And ironically speaking, just because of they have numerous mediocre, obscure bands listed in their Fave Music list in FB or Myspace - and most of them were disbanded/already deteriorating/had their "The Very Best OF" album waaaaaaayyyy before they were born - made them as cool as shit.

At least, those bands - whom were considered as 'the sellouts' by you - had paved their way to the top and sold thousands, or millions of copies worldwide. They've performed on big stages, appeared in the very best of festivals, touched million hearts by their songs, and why would you think that the world should turns to you on blaming them as a pile of garbage?

Having a John Lennon tee and a collection of Hendrix's Axis: Bold A Love doesn't make you a true hippie. Or having the rarest Dave Mustaine unreleased tracks doesn't make you the truest metalhead ever born.

You just need to learn on how to respect other's interest, that's it.

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Nadia said...


*angguk kepala*

...are you lost, or incomplete?

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