Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Honey is for bees, silly bear.

i randomly put on FOB's Folie A Deux CD on my way to office this morning, and as usual the track "Lullabye" played first. (It's a bonus track, and undetectable if u're playing on a normal CD player).

it's a nice acoustic track to be honest, with cute lyrcis. kalau nyanyi kat awek kompem cair. but what matters is that, the words itself somehow point me out to something, after few weeks of getting this crappy heartache when i woke up every single morning.

"Aku immortal, but yet everyday aku mati.
Tiap tiap pagi aku akan bangun balik, with this excruciating pain in my chest", sez Ika.

I hear you weh.

Its not easy bear that kind of pain, especially at the very first blink on every morning, when you're hoping that it will be better than yesterday. but at least she made sense by saying "pejam mata and think about the most beautiful thing in our life".

which is true in a way. well, most ways.

no matter how tough the going gets, we've got to do our best to stay tougher.

even by the least, simple act, like "pejam mata and think about the most beautiful thing in our life". cuz by the time you know it, you'll be falling asleep again.

and as the song "Lullabye" goes with the chorus:

"When you wake up,
The world will come around."


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