Monday, May 3, 2010


I dare not to look into your eyes;

and I don't need words from you
to describe all the pains

that has been lurking in it.

I choose not to speak,
let alone the breeze that came into the window while we were on the road
to engulf you in the moment of silence.

I choose not to wipe your tears,
for the winds will dry it for you.

And to let those balmy street lights passing by drift you to sleep;
where finally you can unclench your fist,
And exhale everything that has been blocking you.

While I, on the other side, will keep myself awake.
Trying to find the courage to whisper these verses into your ears;

"When you felt like the world is all black and white to you,
I'll paint your names everywhere,
with variety of bright colours."

"I do not posses the power to turn water to wine,
but I shall turn your tears to joy."

"And I shall carve your name in me,
to remind me that I'll bear the pain, your pain, everywhere."

Such oath, that can never be broken, til the day
I will finally vanish in the wind,
Like the smoke that comes out
from the burning cigarette on your hand,
eventually will disappear by the window.

Such struggle
To commence a new beginning for you.
A new chapter.
A new dawn,
A new day.

And for that,
I will keep myself painting, bum.


1 comment:

GigKL said...

thank you bum. love you dude.

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