Wednesday, May 26, 2010

hmm. weird.

sometimes i imagine myself,
lying down on a beach,
having my skin to be part of the sands.
in the still of one fine night.

calm as a total coma,
staring at the dark skies, watching the clouds goes by.
pointing and counting the stars that left behind.

no streetlights. no honks of vehicles. nada.

just to feel the breeze crashing over me, leaving me trembling with my own breath converging with the silent air.

no incoming texts, no phone calls. nada.

imagining what would it be if the world still spinning black, without having a chance to see the lights again.

no voices, no laughter. nada.

to feel the saltwater slowly hitting my feet. where as for the moment, i forget about sweat and tears.

as if those words that i've been keeping to myself,
comes out along with my breath,
spiraling and binding me to the ground like chains.

i will keep myself still.
throughout the night.

when i will finally succumb to the waves and the sands.
before i could see the daylight ever again.

such a beautiful demise,
a beautiful end of it all.

well, my imagination is killing me.

dah la. pi tidok. sok keja.

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