Saturday, October 30, 2010

La Da Di Dum, I am a Boring Bum.

Here are some facts about me, that some of you fellas might not know.

1. I'd always wear a ring on my middle finger with yellowish stone on it. Trust me, that ring, isn't an ordinary one. It holds the key to the universe.

2. I got a feeling that my actual animal totem is either a long Chinese ancient green dragon (serpent like, not the western dinosaur-like) or a blue lion. Yep. Blue. Literally blue, like the Smurfs.

3. I love cats. Or rabbits. Or animals. But I don't really like to keep them as pets. Possibly it is because I am actually allergic to them, also I am too bloody lazy to keep an eye on them. And to keep a pet without providing a better care, is an animal cruelty.

4. I love driving/riding a bike in the rain. Emoemoemoemoemo.

5. I am a selfish, inconsiderate asshole. I do not, in any circumstances, give a floating fuck about anyone. So, if any of you guys think otherwise, then consider yourself lucky, because I fucking love you.

6. I am a vengeful and a rueful motherfucker. I AM karma. You fuck with me, you fuck with the karma. And trust me, you don't want no Nightmare On The Elm Street, baby.

7. I can enlarge my eyes, and look fucking mean. I even scare myself in front of a mirror whenever I did that.

8. I smell nice all the time, even without fragrance. Which is why I don't use body spray much. If you think that I got a BO, you're definitely wrong mofo. Go and check your armpit.

9. I can never get fat, I am always skin.. wait. Halt. Somebody will be pissed if I say that again. There's one picture on Facebook that has THAT comment on it, and eventually I made someone pissed. Really, really pissed. So I deleted it. There, you happy?

10. I am not being sarcastic. I don't do sarcasm. Well, if I ever made you fell like I am being one, well.. to bad honey, it is YOU. Not me.

11. I do believe that the end of the world has begun. I, however, don't believe in any of YOUR scam-chained lettered-"OMFGTHATISSCARY"-fake-prophecies, at all. You're not a fucking prophet. Boo.

12. I am cool, therefore I swear a lot. The fuck do you expect?

13. Most of the time, I got limited knowledge base inside my head. So don't expect me to entertain every stupid question you have in mind. Unless if I love you. Yes, you may do so, and I'll try NOT to get bored with that.

14. If I say I love you, it means I love you. If I say "Go away, please", it means "Kiss my ass, fuck off, eat shit and die". Simple. So pay attention.

15. I never downgrade people (that are in my favorable list), and I do believe by the power of addressing people appropriately. So if I call you by decent names or any terms and I have not change that so far, it means that you are OK. But if I started to address you with, I don't know, whatever unpleasant, it means I fucking hate you. You might just as well die. No shit.

16. I didn't change, I never grew up. It is you who've changed, not me.

17. I am good with knives. And nail clippers. I am the actual Salt.

18. I fucking snore. That, only revealed somewhere last year. And God, I even was scared by my own snore. Oh thanks a lot Tajul, for the video. F you! Haha.

19. I got integrity. And that comes with a price, of course.

20. What you resist, persist. Nothing will ever stop me. Except if God ever wants to pull the plug out of me, I will. Determination is the word, baby.

21. I hate religious fanatics, and racist/supremacist fucktards. If you think that your religion or race is divine and superior, then keep it to yourself, but don't prejudge or discriminate others. There's no way your deity wants you to pick on others who don't do shit to you. Let the world end as it is.

22. I love ice cream, but I hate buying it.

23. I don't really like huge ass birthday/wedding cakes. I do, however, love cupcakes.

24. I am not a quitter. I never quit, I am just taking a pause. Long, short, doesn't even matter.

25. I fucking love Hillary Duff.

26. I am born smart. And at times, I am just playing stupid with you. That's because I don't really want to argue with your stupidity.

27. I could go on with this for hours, but I need to take a piss. Bye fellas.

...are you lost, or incomplete?

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