Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Now, to define love.."

Man this is such a random post.

A slide thought that crossed me while I was driving through the highway. Especially after I had a phone call from a.. quite close friend of mine, about his relationship with his girlfriend that is currently on the edge.

To tell you the truth buddy, I don't really have much to say, nor knowing what to. In fact, I couldn't lay any line especially after you asked me, "If she loves me so much, how could she possible did that stupid thing in the first place? What is love, anyways?"

My, my. Gila bunga sial ayat kau. Nasib baik kau belanja aku nasik campur aritu.

Well, love.

The cheekiest topic of all. "Geli" - some might say that. "Apa barang doh" - that, too.

But that's what makes the world go round, that's what most of us believed. Of course, you wouldn't be reading my crappy posts right now if you weren't born. And in order for you to do so, I'd probably say that love brought your parents together and.. you know, hence, your existence.

Do the math, lancau.

Now if you ask me, brother, "what is love" - woo, man. That's quite mind-torturing.

How ironic that most of my closest friends would come and consult their love issues with me, while I was pretty unsure whether I could be a saving grace in order to keep them sane from time to time. And not to mention, I do spin on my own axis of issues as well, including that four lettered word.

The word that drove most people crazy. Makes the world go round. Whatever.

Dude, Love, is indefinite. Indescribable. Immortal. As simple as that, probably. But to define the root cause of it would consume loads of time for the explanation.

Funny how some people would say, "He confessed to me! Geez! Imma try and see how far we can go from here". "I met a girl few days ago, and she asked me out yesterday. Dude, she's fucking hot, mind you. Oowyeah." Which, in essence, they're trying to convince in a summary: I'm in love weh!


But yeah, like I said, it is indefinite.

You can love a person from far, even though she might not know that you even existed at the very least, that is love.

You'd do whatever it takes to make her happy even if she's with someone else, knowing that you won't be getting anything in return, that is love.

You might be the wisest son of a gun of all time, but whenever you're with someone that clearly you had your feeling with, it's like there's a switch that can turn you to be a dumbass in just one simple flip, and do whatever she tells you to do. That is love. Stupid, I might say, but it is.

You'd shut yourself up whenever she talks about unimportant, unnecessary things, or about someone that you don't even give a bloody flying letter F, but still, you're paying attention like that's the most important thing, that matters the most to you. That is love.

You shield yourself when she said something that hurts you like shit. That is love.

You'd drown into the sea of wrong with a t-shirt that prints "I am Mr. Right", even though everything she said is utter nonsense. That is love.

You'd sacrifice your times willingly just to make her happy, and for the sake of having her, that is love.

You'll stay on the course, even if it leads you to nowhere, as long as you can be with her (in the event of requited love shit) until the day she will personally tell you to fuck off. That is love.

You'll risk yourself, to be hurt in the end, and to bear the consequences after, that is love.

....ohh yeah, I just showered you with cliches. Tell you what? Nevermind those bullshits, dude.

But mind you that love, is not like some chemistry projects that you can experiment on. You can't go on with a person on a "we'll see what happens next" basis. That is, if you're asking me from my POV. True, que-sera-fucking-sera. But that depends on how you maneuver it.

It takes time to tie up the bond. And actions.

I'm not fond with words, I am a man of actions, I'll do whatever it takes to do to stay on the board. And I might swallow those bullshit lines above as my creed. But that's just me.

So as for you buddy, next time if you feel like getting it on with someone, think. And show some balls while you're at it. Not literally lah bodoh.

Tengok, kau buang masa aku lagi. Nasib baik kau belanja aku nasik campur.

Now, if I got your question answered, excuse me. I need my sleep now. 'Ta.


Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

if i were your friend, i dont know if i should feel offended or enlightened.
but whichever pun, maria likes this. =D

by Baizulikha said...

For me to love is to forgive. Because yelah it's human nature to make mistakes, and when you love, you forgive.

It is true what you said, love is very subjective to define. Love can make you happy like happiness has no boundaries, it can also take you to the edge of suffering hell.

This ecstasy doesn't kill you though, and i think it's not fair for people (including me) to blame love for their sufferings and depression.

Because love is created to manufacture the goods in life, and issue diri sendiri yang always commit the unloving acts yang corrupt the whole concept of love.

Example of unloving acts: mistrust, jealousy, disrespect.

My rule is simple. If that person commits to many unloving acts yang menjahanamkan nama cinta itu sendiri, thus hurt the person that that person's with, then that person is simply not yet ready to love fully. And that person will continue to learn, until that person finally meet someone to share the goods that has been built.

Love and being in relationship is supposed to be easy. Learning, is hard.

El Moe de la Rocha said...

maria: oh well, i am just just doing my part. so the output and consequences dia fikir sendiri la offended atau enlightened. :) thanks anyway!

ika: you got it damn right. and plus, most people took the wrong concept of it. flash-love, sweet talks, etc etc. that's what kills a relationship the most.

"I'm not fond with words, I am a man of actions, I'll do whatever it takes to do to stay on the board." - that one.. i should credit that to you. if it wasn't because of you, i would probably still the same person. i think u get what i mean. :)

Siti Aishah said...

if both parties understand the very basic concept of love, they'll survive.

N.T.S : When people complain bout their love stories, they tend to say this line A LOT "sume lelaki/ pmpuan sume sama!" I think, memang lah teramat lah bangang pencakap2 tersebut!

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