Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random Perv.

Suddenly I remembered, there was once, I said something (which was accidental by the way) to a troubled friend of mine, whom was having a tough time with her boyfriend. Issue with him being anal or something.

Which, went something like this:

"Oh come on. You're being such a pussy, sticking up for a dickhead like him".

Few moments later, we stared, blank-faced, for a minute.

And we laughed, followed by a loud "what-the-fuck!".

And, there was once a friend of mine randomly called me while I was sleeping. We talked about random things for few minutes, before she said, "Oh yeah you know what, _____ (her bestfriend) and I had a period today. On the same day. Wow!"

Out of the blue (and the fact that I was still half-asleep), I replied, "Oh, so that makes you girls bloodsisters now?"

And after a while, we were like, "EEEEUUUW!".

My subconscious mind IS pervy, mind you. Especially when I am hungry, like now. So pardon my fucking language.

Oh I know you know that I am awesome.

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