Sunday, December 28, 2008

new muharram. new january. and a new chapter.

ppl wud always bombard each other with tonnes of cliches whenever new year's just around the corner.

lemme hint you one:
"apa azam kau untuk tahun baru ni dude?"

im no a pious ustaz, nor a good motivator, not even a good person. always am.

but i can tell that each one of us, may be even with just a slight thought, wud think the exact, or might-exact way: "i need changes for my new year. better."

well, apa yang diharapkan?

new clothes?
new cars?
new blings?
new guitars?
ok skip those 'things-things-things' thing.
new life?
new spouse?
new job?
new.. everything?

and if you ask me, hell i might say.. that i got no clues. totally.

well, i just want to have a better life.
definitely better.
with bigger shots.
and, stronger me.

strong enough to resist all (or as much as i can) those evil temptations to do bad things.
strong enough to ensure that i dont fuck other people's life up anymore.
strong enough to make everything (or again, almost) right.

that's all i want. only for now.

and yeah, to those who actually read this post, i'd say thank you, and wishing you a very happy new year. may the best of life be upon you.


love and rezpecktttt,

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rene vs roma said...

happy new year yg bakal tiba adik. perjalanan yg kita rasa jauh sebenarnya singkat.

bila-bila waktu. bila-bila saat kita akan mati.

azam? i have no bloody idea apa itu azam.

all i know is, setiap hari, setiap tahun nak sambut harijadi dengan someone special. yeah someone i truly love.

29thn? tak pernah merasa kecuali dengan famili sendiri.

love you so much and believe in yourself


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