Sunday, November 30, 2008

"apsal ko takde awek eh?"

hmm.. why eh?

i dun even know the answer is. after a longgggggggg ride from kl to seremban last night, well, not that long pun, along the lonely (cuz i cant barely see any cars pun) highway, that kept me thinking of these, few things.

apsal ek?

"ko keja2 macam ni mesti senang nak tekel awek punya moe", said Nizam (yes, from that group called OAG).

"hotak ang, kalau tak aku tak sorg2 camni je. haha".


well, i think.. it is bcoz

a) my job. yeah.. suma cakap "eh dude, ur job is cool waaaaat". yeah. mmg la cool. best. seronok. seronok, if i got enough time la. like, im always in a rush. jangan kata utk org, utk my mom, i dun even have a decent time for myself. boleh ke my (potential) gf wud understand me?

b) bein myself. i find that friends, they're ok with me being myself, but not gf. they WONT understand. ntah. i dont know why.

c) accepting me for that i am. ye la, poyo je cakap macam tu mula2. in the end, they wud leave me. sebab? haha. go figure. yela.. im not that cool, im not donald trump, nor dave grohl, just a plain me. takdenye nak senang2 terima2 aku dengan hati ikhlas. zaman sekarang ni? mimpila.

we're not living in the era of ppl who wud love till death. takde makne. penipu suma. selagi aku tak bawak rolls royce. selagi takde rim berkilat. never will.

being in a relationship, needs more than just "baby, i love you". accepting ppl as your special, means there comes another responsibility. igt senang ke? tu la yang jadi. esok "declare", lusa "break up". bodoh. it is subjective, you'll never know.

the only thing yang certain nya, is that you can try, but not rushing it. macam jugak lagu stairway to heaven, "and if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last." well, not just tunes exactly.. its applicable in almost anything.

just.. go with the flow. tak guna memaksa, kalau hanya sementara.

*ROTFL kaw2*
bapak jiwang sial aku. eesh! apa ni! geli2.


Anonymous said...

hehehe.. agak kejiwangan gak la.. but to be fair, all of what u stated are true.. that's y i gave up looking for one.. if it's meant to be, it'll happen.. maybe not now or tomorrow but it will someday.. kan? :)

El Moe de la Rocha said...

haha. tu la.
tapi quote last sekali tu takleh blah. macam caption utk filem kl menjerit 3. hawhawhaw~

Anonymous said...

saya pun xda awek..isk..isk..

agak jiwang ah! tapi jiwang ok ape. kena ah jiwang. keras je xleh gak.

kl menjerit 3? janganla...


anaiis said...

Dude, u are just deep, get my drift :D

NivierA UltimatuM said...

u can always try dude..all u need are just faith,strength and patience..u can give a try and be patient with it..i understand being u,according to what u said laa..well..wish u gud luck!!

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