Tuesday, November 11, 2008

satu pagi yang indah, again. haha.

one fine morning after almost decided to wander myself around damansara clueless-ly, i got a msg from someone: "awk, im on my way 2 genting!" which i thot was a joke. soon enough, i called her, and yes, she was with her fellowships, hoo-hoo-haa-haa in a car. i asked her, confidently (poyo2 sikit pun ada), "woh.. pegi tak ajak". and she was like, "jap2.. awk cakap dgn ella", who wud then asked me to get myself to a (secret) petrol station as fast as i can. "biar betik?"


within 20 minutes, i find myself in a bronze (i think) car, surrounded by four "hyped-up" people. all the way to the peak of genting sempah. and the next thing i knew was, like, i thot i was in a dream - like one of those i had (gila deja vu sial). four hours of nonstop fun-ness and joy. dang. such experience that i cud've hardly ever imagine.

i pledge my thank you to these cool people: tatie, fiffy, ella and nad. so much, beaches. :)

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