Monday, November 24, 2008

thrown. out. part. two.

after three days (yes,there's nothing to be ashamed of) of being in the office. stuck and rotten like a larvae. i didnt know what happend, as no one from the house had texted me ever since. i even still wearing this 'the who' tee (yeah tatie, the one that i wore last friday nite). nice.

just now, i went back to pick up my stuffs, finally, moving out to somewhere.

guess what.

i found my roomate, lying down on his bed, peacefully. main internet. and the story goes.

"weh? ko tak blah lagi dari bilik ni? kata paie nak suh kawan dia masuk? peh, siap kemas balik?"


"mana budak2 ni?"

"tah, paie cakap tak jadi masuk."

"so? ko tak bagi tau aku? msg pun tak? apa cerita? apsal tak cakap awal2?"


"abis tu ko stay la ni?"


i glanced at my stuffs over the corner. wah. siap berbungkus habis semua.

now i know, memang diorg nak halau aku kot sebenarnya.

good. finally uve shown me ure true fucking colour bud. thanks. thank you so much. aku ingat je sampai mati.

so i picked up my stuffs, and off i went.

babi la. ive been thru so many shits this week. f. and thanks to those people for giving me hard times. thank you for not listening and not being understanding. u're fucking cool.

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The Tatie said...

sorry for being a bitch beach.
love you still!

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