Wednesday, November 19, 2008

going down in flames. no, in sweats. :D

ahh, i hate it when i cant afford too much time online (been too busy!). and this cud be too late to post, but just wanna make sure that i still alive and breathing tho. ahaha.

well, nothing much, just wanna brag *uhuk -- brag? thats weird* abt the funness that i had last week. went to nina's (i even barely saw her face that time due to insufficient light) birthday partay, and (again) i arrived late. err, due to heavy rains and traffic shits. tsk tsk tsk. well put, moe. cold, hungry, wet, tattered.. ok, thats too far. but thank god, i arrived safely. so i met tonnes of cool ppl that i havent get the chance to meet before - aimi, moja, acad, nabil, acap, chip, azri.. and several others that i cant remember their names (sorry guys). so many fun shits happened that night, thanks to you guys for making my day. :)

cool comrades.

nabil: stop being a fag and get into the game, you dipshit!

yeah, it was fun. and i looked soooo wasted in this pic. ahah.

and soo.. me, tatie, nad, ella, nabil and acap (later joined by fiffy) went down to barra (somewhere infront of uitm, idk) to wind down, not even thinking of me having a tiring, shitty day tomorrow, which i will put it on the next blog. gtg!


The Tatie said...

kami memang kul! :D

nur aimi jamshah said...

yup3!! no one is as cool as us gals! hehehe :p

El Moe de la Rocha said...

haha. i noe!

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