Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Helping out, or selling yourself out?

We never knew when a day wud come, where you’re just had to put away your ego, and had to ask for a hand on something. Well, here is the time where and when you had to seek help from someone, even to those people who you’ve abandoned for quite sometimes. Even to those who you’d never even bother to give a call before. Making sweet talks, yeah man… why won’t you help me this time? Just for a small favor and that’s it.. C’mon bro.. yeah. Pretty much.

But when it comes to unexpected things occurred, in short, he fucked it up. Yeah. Shit happens. What wud you do? Will you be cursing him all over, or even like.. “Fuck you man, I don’t want to see you again, period. Fuck off”, even he never INTEND to put you in such a disappointment (kawan baik la katakan, or might be “terhutang budi nak mati”). Even if he really got some pretty excuses to “fuck” it up.

The point, here, is that.. are we really ASKING for help, or we’re expecting people wud bow to our selfish “will”? Yeah, we might have helped him or her way before, in some ways, but does that even give us a right to be such feisty over him? He just came all along the way to save your ass, and yet you even didn’t give a friggin face. You cannot expect that everyone will turn to you whenever you’re in a deep shit. And yet, no matter how nice you were before, no matter how you considered yourself as a knight in a shining armor many, many times, you cannot expect that you’re a greek god that everyone would sacrifice themselves for you. If he can’t, either he’s REALLY can’t or just “can’t”, then you wud probably just.. let him be. Let alone karma or Him decides the consequences. BUT, to fuck him off all the way would be just self-centered.

You probably wouldn’t want to have that tag “Behold, an asshole in the making” stamped right on your ass. Yes, I curse a lot, so pardon my fucking French.


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The Tatie said...

awh..i know life is hard
*usap2 kepala*

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