Wednesday, November 12, 2008

swimming in a lacuna


It’s raining outside, again.

Sat quietly, listening to the dripping drops of water out side the window. Wow, cepat betul. In one swoop, that’s it. It’s wet all over the place.

I stared right into the dark clouds above, with a soft sigh. Makin gelap. Feeling empty. Might even want to scream, or shout or something, but couldn’t even vent out a soft voice. Nothing. Definitely. Again, sigh.

It’s 4.34 p.m. And here I am. Alone. Empty. Keja melambak, but couldn’t even think of doing anything (except tapping my fingers on the keyboard, typing this shitty lines). Peh. Tepu sial.

God, am I in a block?


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