Tuesday, November 11, 2008

“Tak metal la weyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

Is it really a guilty pleasure, having a copy of Justin Timberlake’s “FutureLove/SexSounds” inside your CD shelf, between Arch Enemy’s “Wages Of Sin” and a copy of new Amon Amarth’s? Not that every rockdudes or metalheads would listen to their regular stuffs every second, and having a ‘weird’ CD inside your collection won’t be a death penalty. Wait, between growling and bird-singing? Tsk tsk tsk.

Some people, mostly those who reckoned themselves as a (quote) true (unquote) rocker would not probably admit that they, at-one-time-all-of-a-sudden-out-of-no-where, whistled or hummed N’Sync’s “This Is Promise You” (with a definite fact that Lance Bass is now an official gay-on-screen) while he was browsing his pictures of his ololo-cutenye-girlfriend in his Sony Ericsson. Ceh. Soundgarden konon. Poyo sial ada mamat tu. Hahaha. Yes.. I recognize the fact that “ala Kurt Cobain pun kawin apa”. But denying the fact that you’re soooo hooked on Kelly Clarkson while upholding yourself as a true rocker at heart wud be just.. funnay.

Well, I never ashamed to admit that I do listen to some Madonnas or Avrils, even thinking of doing a cover on Lindsay’s (another homo that will dominate the world) “Over” one day while wearing my Rage Against The Machine’s or Ramones’ tee. My, that’s just fascinating. Hahaha. And oh, I’m a straight, thank you.

It’s all about the music, at the end of the day. And it ain’t nothing wrong with it. Siapa kata tak metal? Ceh.

Fuck, I’m hungry.


The Tatie said...

justin timberlake ok lagik?
kalau amelina dangdut?

El Moe de la Rocha said...

well, that is an exception. that is SUICIDE, dear. :p

The Tatie said...

kata it's all about the music!

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