Sunday, April 12, 2009


First blink.

Strange enough,
All of a sudden i am surrounded by figures.
Walking figures.
Talking figures.
Munching figures.

Just figures.

Figures that walk, but not moving.
Figures that talk, but in silence.
Munching, yet chewing nothing.

Strange enough.

Second blink.

And how i turn my back away from those figures, hardly could i ever imagine.
How i look at those figures; using peripherals not iris.
How i grasp those arms without using my hands.
How i yell with my lips wide sealed.

Gasping, squeezing, twirling, STRUGGLING.

And so i choose to be invisible at one end.
Anonymous, finally.

Let alone drift myself inside such fuzziness.

When all i see, is you.

Standing at the other end of the line,

And suddenly disappeared.

What th--?

*tu la, mak cakap sebelum tidur basuh kaki, kan dah ngigau menda bukan-bukan*


Si Putri said...

u sure ke ngigau..

kud be real u noe..


El Moe de la Rocha said...

Ngigau.. iyee.
I've always had bad dreams.

Weird ones. tiap malam. sampai rasa takut nak tido. haha!

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