Saturday, April 18, 2009


"Fairuz, are you available for this weekend?"

"Errr.." *rolling me face and eyes*

"Alright, great!" *grin*

There. Good one, dude. Another weekend in the office. Haha. Well, my normal working duration are 6 hours, then i'd count my working days for this week...

.... *counting fingers*

.. well, that'll be seven. Ahaks.

Oh btw, this afternoon i'll be somewhere in Istana Budaya, teching for Auburn again. (Well, not much teching pun, accoustic show je). But yeah, i do love acoustic showcases. *Remembering the last Butterfingers' acoustic showcase in IB, so... breathtaking*. It was like watching Sigur Ros, front row!

If you happened to read this post TODAY, sila la datang ye, kalau FREE. (Tapi aku tak paksa sebab ticket dia waaaaaayyy too mahal for such showcase. IB, maybe.)

Well.. bila la turn aku yek. :D

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